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We build relationships, not client lists. Each of our clients are treated with respect and appreciation, and not because we have to- it is just who we are. Our company was created simply so that our clients would not have to deal with the hassle of working with several service providers year round. Instead, they can relax knowing that Infinity Cleaning Solution is there to help.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I believe the most rewarding part of this job is knowing that we can be there to help others do the things that they do not have the time to do. From just cleaning a client's home because their job is too demanding, to helping an elderly woman declutter and organize a room that she has hasn't seen for years- each and every job that we do is rewarding.


Oley, PA 19547

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20 Reviews
  • Khaliq F. Nov 30, 2016
    Carpet Cleaning
    Verified Review
    I hired them for a move-out cleaning, wall painting (touch up) and carpet cleaning. I wish I hadn't. I have never come across such unprofessional people. Lets start with the move-out cleaning. Who cleans a kitchen without cleaning the stove top? No one! But here you have Vanessa, who says she cleaned but yet the stove top was dirty. She also leaves the dishwasher dirty. Then we have the wall painting (touch up). The apartment management provided us with paint. They had LABELED which paint was supposed to be used in the kitchen and bathrooms. Even I had mentioned that the bathrooms and kitchen are supposed to be painted with different paint. But are labels supposed to be read? NOPE! Not according to Oliver. He painted each and every room with the paint for the home. And also doesn't do a neat job at the corners. So my biggest mistake, I trusted these cheats and paid them without checking their work. I handed over the keys to the apartment management and they come back to me with the complaints that I have mentioned above. They told me, we hire professionals to do work here not handymen. They told me which professional doesn't paint the edges neatly. I asked them for an extra week so that I can ask "the professionals" to correct the mistakes. I called them and spoke to them. Vanessa spoke very nicely and promised they would correct their mistakes but since their week was very busy, they would only come on Sunday (which happened to be the last day I had). I agreed. I was very happy that I had hired true professionals (my mistake, they weren't professionals, They were cheats). I also asked them to paint the doors and trims. For that we couldn't agree for the price so that was ok. But they never came back to correct their mistakes. Just remember, according to Vanessa and Oliver promises are made to be broken. They didn't even have the courtesy to tell me they wouldn't do it. Had I agreed upon the extra painting charges, these greedy cheats would have come and done the work. Now, I have paid these ............. and I have to pay the management too! I think I should have just paid the management! I would NEVER hire them again and WOULD NOT recommend them either. Save yourself this agony and hire someone else. Professionals are not like this. This is not even how handymen work. This is the worst experience I have had with professionals hired through I will have to be careful next time. May god punish them for cheating.
    Vanessa & Oliver B. Feb 17, 2017

    Those are some strong words coming from you, especially after you had lied to us and cheated us out of a job that could have costed you hundreds. You originally said that the job was a "touch up" and a small job. The place was filthy and the job was much larger than a "touch up". You said that some spots on the wall would need to be repainted- Oliver had to coat each wall in your entire home twice- and they were a mess from lack of being taken care of as the rest of the home. We had done more than enough for you for the miniscule amount that you paid us, but wanted to see what else you could squeeze out of us. We should have known to avoid working with you from the beginning. I HIGHLY recommend any of the professionals on here to NEVER accept a job from Khaliq, as she will lie to you and scheme you out of your valuable time- then leave reviews like this to bash your company. Very bitter human, I vow to never do work for these type of clients again. I will be much more selective, and also, when the job is not what was stated over the phone (a.k.a. a touch up) I will be sure to tell people like this that she will need to pay what is due instead of expecting people to try to be nice to her when she clearly doesn't deserve one bit of kindness. I hope that karma will come back to haunt you for your unfair treatment of our company and everything we had already done for your ungrateful self. Have a wonderful day!

  • Rebee A. Sep 29, 2015
    We have been using Infinity Cleaning Solutions since November 2014. They are very thorough and always manage to find a way to fit you into their schedule. Their cleaning jobs have consistently exceeded my expectations. We recently moved out and I had them come and clean the entire house top to bottom including carpet cleaning. I have had them also clean our windows. There seems to never be a speck of dust when the are done. Vanessa and Oliver are awesome!!
  • B. E. Sep 8, 2015
    Window Cleaning
    Verified Review
    Infinity Cleaning Solution was great! Very prompt response to my email request and good follow-up communication. They did an awesome " move in " cleaning on our new home. All requests were met and I'm having them back later this month for window cleaning.
  • Kathleen M. Sep 3, 2015
    Window Cleaning
    Verified Review
  • Andrew B. Jul 7, 2015
    We were extremely disappointed with the lack of professionalism exhibited by Oliver Cornish concerning his misunderstanding of scope of work. Our company is a professional asset management firm that has been in business for 40 years managing more than 5000 residential units in Southeastern PA. Infinity was referred to us from a local user for cleaning gutters and power washing roofs. We met with Oliver, and reviewed 3 separate HOAs for whom we do work. Oliver bid the jobs. The boards of 2 out of the 3 associations approved Infinity for the work. Not the third- they chose another vendor. Oliver was notified by phone to start the first job, and by email to start the second. He performed each job, and was paid in full for each job (approximately $10,000). On his own accord, without authorization, and without providing any notice to our offices, he showed up unannounced at the third job site to begin work. He was notified immediately that he was not authorized to do that work. Instead of simply leaving the site or asking for clarification, his response was to disparage our company and its staff, use vulgar language, threaten to sue the Home Owners Association, threaten to sue our management company, and begin a social media campaign to tarnish both reputations. In dealing with hundreds of contractors in a variety of specialties, in business volume in excess of $10M annually, Oliver's tirade was the most unprofessional, discourteous, disrespectful behavior I have witnessed from a vendor in a considerably long time. Anyone considering using this company should think twice before doing so. This was their response to a job they did not even begin and were not authorized to do. It makes one wonder what the response would be to a job where they actually performed work where they may actually have been a real problem such as their having caused damage, not performed to scope, or did not complete on time. There are plenty of reputable cleaning companies out there that conduct themselves in a responsive, professional, responsible manner that no one should have to deal with such an example of poor behavior.
    Vanessa & Oliver B. Aug 18, 2015

    Sir, I please ask you to remove this review after the conversation that we had agreeing that both parties had a right to be upset. I will remove this response when Andrew agrees to as well, this is just to equally show our side of what was said in order to show our prospective customers the full story. I am able to provide proof and proper documentation reflecting the work that we were said to have completed, including a notarized document and blueprints listing all 3 properties. Oliver definitely lost his cool, and although it was an irrational reaction I support the reason for his anger. Oliver had loads of confidence and believed in Andrew Basile especially since he is running for State Representative in our area. He supported his ideas and views, despite hearing negative things from members of our local community. He had contemplated voting for him! When we had completed the first 2 of 3 job sites described on the paperwork from Andrew's real estate company, without a go-ahead to start the 2nd job and no issues arising, we continued to the 3rd job after receiving payment for the 2nd with no indication that anything had changed. Oliver showed up to the 3rd job site (on the business day following receipt of payment for the 2nd job- as we did the first time) to then have another contractor show up a few hours later and say that they were hired to complete the job. You can imagine Oliver's embarrassment and feeling of betrayal by Andrew. Oliver called him, as any upset human would, to let him know that he felt that what he did was not right. He told Andrew that he would inform his local community via social media that someone who is supposed to be an upstanding member of our community is treating local small businesses like this. He also let him know that if he did not pay us for the supplies used and our time put into the 3rd job that we would have to take him to court. Any Google search will tell you that Andrew has been known to lie, and members of our local community have talked about how he is known to manipulate small businesses, and that is exactly what happened to us. He manipulated the fact that we did not have a signed contract with him (our fault for not being more distrustful), and he purposely did not tell us that he had hired someone else. (After all, he was the one in charge of hiring the contractors for the Homeowner's Association- because he was a member) Therefore, Oliver went to the job and completed a large portion before the other company showed up a few hours later. Andrew then refused to pay us for the work that was completed, and if his reputation is correct, he would have then told the other contractor that some of the work is completed so therefore that should reflect on his invoice. The other company, who is already doing the work cheaper, then takes that portion off the bill and Andrew saves even more money. This may seem petty, but that is the point. You take a little here and a little there and nobody notices. How else do you think he got where he is? For example, Andrew mentioned in his review that he paid us approximately $10,000 for the 2 completed jobs. This may be what he wrote in the books, but we have bank records that show a deposit of 2,480.40 for the first job and 2,893.80 for the second, coming to a total of $5374.20. Take that as you will. We never want our business to be run like this, we pride our business on honesty and dedication to customer service. Anyone who runs business any other way, quite frankly...will make us angry. Please contact us to inquire further about this issue. - Vanessa & Oliver, Infinity Cleaning Solution (610) 404-2663

  • Jill C. Oct 20, 2014
    House Cleaning (One Time)
    Verified Review
    Awesome job! My house was in bad shape and now it looks great:)
  • Erin S. Oct 1, 2014
    House Cleaning (One Time)
    Verified Review
    We are so pleased with Vanessa and her team. Very polite & professional! Cleaned our house top to bottom. We will be rebooking our next appointment right away!
  • K. W. Sep 22, 2014
    Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance
    Verified Review
    I will recommend Infinity Cleaning Solutions. They cleaned the gutters on my home and garage. On-time and courteous, and the price was right.
  • Lenda C. Sep 17, 2014
    Window Cleaning
    Verified Review
    Oliver from Infinity Cleaning washed all the windows in my home, he was very professional & careful. He did an excellent job, it couldn't have been better. I will have them again & plan to give their house cleaning a try.
  • Lois T. Sep 10, 2014
    House Cleaning (One Time)
    Verified Review
    I have had Vanessa and Oliver clean for me one time at this point and I was very happy with the service. Not only do they clean thoroughly but they also tidy as they go making the house look neat in addition to clean.. They were very professional during our initial meeting and described their service fully. I am looking forward to continued high standards from them and have already arranged for a regular cleaning slot.
  • Gayle M. Sep 8, 2014
    Window Cleaning
    Verified Review
    I had ICS in to clean my house and also to clean my carpets. The carpets came out looking just like new! I was also very pleased with the cleaning of the house! Great job Vanessa and team and thank you!!!
  • Joey M. Sep 3, 2014
    Pressure Washing
    Verified Review
    Oliver did a great job! I would certainly recommend infinity cleaning solutions. And I will hire them again in the future!
  • Joe S. Aug 18, 2014
    Everything was up to my expectations! Great job.
  • Nicholas B. Aug 5, 2014
    Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance
    Verified Review
    Oliver showed up on time. He did the job asked. Cost was right. I plan on using them again. I had my gutters cleared of debris.
  • Eleanor L. Jul 23, 2014
    Window Cleaning
    Verified Review
    Oliver & Anthony James did a fabulous, thorough job. Surpassed expectations. Wow, this would've taken my husband and me many hours of our free time; being able to look out of clean windows gives me a new lease on life--even if it's from my home office desk where the work is sadly still piled up~.
  • Ed M. Jun 27, 2014
    Oliver did a great job! We will be using this service again in the future!
  • Roy O. Jun 26, 2014
    Window Cleaning
    Verified Review
    Vanessa and Oliver were very polite and responded to my e-mail very quickly. Fast service!! GREAT JOB !!
  • Sharon H. Jun 19, 2014
    Window Cleaning
    Verified Review
    Vanessa responded quickly to my request and was available when I needed her. The work was fantastic! My windows have never been so clean and they were able to reach windows I have lots of trouble reaching. I am thrilled with the work, will use again and recommend to my friends!
  • Christine W. Jun 15, 2014
    House Cleaning (One Time)
    Verified Review
  • Geneva C. Jun 10, 2014
    ICS came to my home to do a general cleaning. I have a large home that needed a lot of TLC and they certainly provided that. They worked quickly & efficiently (a great team) and when they left my home smelled fresh & looked white glove clean for days--even with my three large dogs! Thank you Vanessa & Oliver.


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Always ask what you are paying for! Make sure that you know what is included in the price before having someone come out to clean your home. All cleaning companies are different and all clients have various expectations so it is a good idea to clarify the details ahead of time. Infinity Cleaning Solution provides each house cleaning client with a "Cleaning Check List" so there is no question as to where your hard earned money is going.