Send a great follow-up message to seal the deal.

Thumbtack lets you know when your quote has been viewed so you can perfectly time your follow-up message. Keep in mind that you’re competing against other pros, so responding quickly is important.

Stay on top of customer messages

When customers contact you — whether they’re responding to an estimate you sent manually or one that was sent automatically with Instant Match — you’ll see their messages in your Inbox.

To stay on top of customer messages, you can choose to receive email, push, or text message alerts. Visit your notification settings to adjust how you’re alerted.

Three follow-up tips from successful pros

When a customer reaches out to you, the job is yours to win. Make sure to respond quickly, since customers can contact a few different pros. It’s free to message customers. Here are some tips from successful Thumbtack pros:

  1. Show you understand their needs. Review the customer’s original request, and be sure to mention the details in your response (and provide examples if you can). To view quotes sent automatically with Instant Match, you can go to your Inbox and select the “Sent Quotes” filter.
  2. Offer a free consultation. Let them know you’re available for 15 or 30 minutes to answer questions. Share an example of similar work you’ve completed to show you’re excited to take on the job.
  3. Give details. Customers want to know that you’re qualified and that you can get the job done well. Be specific in your answer.