Find new customers and grow your business.

Whether you’re scaling your business, filling the gaps in your schedule, or just starting out, Thumbtack will help you find the right customers.

The customer journey

How Thumbtack works

1. People come to Thumbtack to hire pros.

They answer specific questions about their project, then we share those details with pros like you.

2. Customers review your estimate.

You can send estimates to customers manually, or if Instant Match is enabled in your market, Thumbtack can generate them instantly once you set your prices.

Customers will receive tailored estimates from qualified pros that are available for the job. They will see both your estimate and your profile. How do they pick the right pro? They start by looking at your profile — your introduction, reviews and media. They want to see who has the best experience for the job.

3. Chat with the customer and get hired.

When interested customers reach out to learn more about your estimate or experience, it’s your turn to close the deal and get yourself hired. Make sure to respond quickly.