Understand when you pay

Set a weekly budget. Only pay for interested customers.

When you pay

It’s free to send quotes to customers — whether you do so automatically with Instant Match or manually. You only pay when an interested customer reaches out to you for the first time. This can include the customer sending you a message, scheduling a call or appointment, calling you, or marking you as hired. You only get charged once per customer, so messaging them is free. We don’t take commission, either.

Set a weekly budget

You’re in control. Your budget tool allows you to set a spending limit for each week. Your weekly budget is the most you might spend from Monday to Sunday. You won’t be charged more than your weekly budget. “Estimated customers” represents how many times you can afford to be contacted by new customers, based on your budget.

To find your budget for each service you offer, go to Services, select “Edit settings,” then go to “Budget.”