Make sure we’re sending you the right customers.

Find your customer “sweet spot.” Three main factors affect the kinds of customers you see on Thumbtack: your services, travel and job preferences, and business hours. Expect to fine tune your settings over the first 2-4 weeks.

Your control panel

Your Services tab is like your control panel. Come here to edit your travel and job preferences, track your performance, and add new services.

Set your services and job preferences

Whether you’re getting too many customers or not quite enough, adjust the services you offer and the job preferences you set.

Two optional adjustments:

Add or remove services. Too many customers? Turn off less relevant services. Not enough customers? Try turning on a few suggested services. Start strong by selecting areas for which you can provide excellent service. Check out steps to turn services on and off.

Set your job preferences. For many services (each one is different), you can set very specific preferences for the types of jobs you want to get. For example, personal trainers can choose certain customer fitness goals and session frequency. To adjust your job preferences, select a service from your Services tab, and tap “Edit settings.” Learn more here.

Adjust your travel preferences

Choose where you work. Select your travel preferences for each service from your Services tab. Not enough customers? Consider expanding your travel distance. When you add zip codes, you unlock new groups of potential customers. Getting too many customers? Reducing your travel areas narrows down the pool of potential customers.

Update your business hours

For each of your services, you can set specific business hours when you’re open to receiving new customers. Not getting enough new customers? Consider freeing up your schedule. Try opening your availability for weekends or evenings to see how many requests come your way.