Add reviews and get hired more often.

Reviews are often the biggest influence on a customer’s hiring decision—a great review gives you credibility. To get hired more often, ask for reviews from past customers (both on and off Thumbtack). 85% of the pros hired on Thumbtack have at least 1 review.

Getting your first review

Building a solid rating takes time, but you can get up to 10 reviews from past customers who hired you outside of Thumbtack.

Make it easy for customers to review you:

Email or text your personalized link to previous customers. To find your link, go to the reviews section of your profile and click “Manage reviews.” Your review link never changes or expires.

Follow up! Give customers a friendly nudge after a few days.

How to ask for reviews

How to ask for reviews
Two example emails from pros requesting reviews from past customers:

Request a review. See Anja’s email requesting a review from a past customer. Her message is friendly and encouraging. Anja makes it easy to write a review by including her personalized link.

Follow up. See Jonas’ email to follow up on a request for a review. His message is lighthearted and sincere without being pushy.

Anja’s email

Hi Tanner,

It’s been a while, but I still show off photos from your job more than any others in my portfolio. My customers are constantly inspired by your story and the results we accomplished. I just signed up on Thumbtack to find more excellent customers like you, and reviews are a big part of my profile. Can you take a moment to write a couple sentences about working with me? I’d love if my future customers could hear about your experience firsthand. You won’t need to sign up for anything, just go to this link: [Anja’s custom review link].

Thanks, and don’t be a stranger!

Jonas’ quote

Hey Angela,

It’s me again, hope you’re great as ever! I know you’re busy, but could you write me a quick review at this link: [Jonas’ custom review link]? It only has to be a sentence or two, and I know my new clients will love hearing your story.

Thanks so much!

Responding to negative reviews

Every pro gets an occasional negative review. Try not to get discouraged and instead, use it as a chance to show off your customer service skills. Customers often look at the pro’s response to a negative review to understand how you react when things don’t go perfectly. If you follow up with a thoughtful and positive response, future customers will see that you’re responsive and solution-oriented. Here are some examples of great responses from Thumbtack pros.

Keep in mind that once you submit a response, you can’t edit it again, so make sure you’re confident in your response before you post it.

Check out more tips for responding to negative reviews.

Three examples responses:

Thanks for hiring us, and thanks for your honest feedback. I’m sorry I was running late that day. I’ll be sure to call ahead or text if I’m behind schedule in the future. Hope you’re loving your new bathroom!

I’m so sorry you weren’t happy with your photographs. I’ll send over a few more prints today to see if they’re more your style. I’d also be happy to keep working with you until we get it right.

Hi Mary, I’ll be sure to consider your feedback on my next project. Many projects last longer than we’d like (or can expect due to unforeseen circumstances), but I appreciate your ideas on how we can improve. Thanks again for hiring us.