Set a budget that works for you.

Instant Match sends quotes for you for free, and you only pay for interested customers who contact you for the first time. Set a weekly budget so Instant Match knows how many customer responses you’d like to receive in a week. Instant Match will stop sending quotes for that week once you’ve received the number of customer responses that meet your weekly budget.

How Instant Match Works

Why bother with a budget?

Setting a budget is the best way to control how many customers contact you every week—whether you want as few as 1, or more than 10 leads weekly, choose a budget that’s right for you. Our pros tell us it’s critical to their success on Instant Match.

How budget alerts work:

Set your weekly budget alert(s) in your Instant Match settings.

When you hit the budget, we immediately send an alert. We’ll email you every time you reach your spending limit. Then, if you want more customers, just increase your budget and Instant Match will keep sending quotes. If you don’t get an email, you’re still under budget.

If you reach your budget before the week is over, Instant Match will stop sending quotes for you until the following Monday.

You may spend more than your chosen limit if a customer responds to a quote that was sent before you reached your budget.

Set and adjust your budget

Some pros decide how much they’d like to spend per week, then set their budget alert for 80% of that amount. That way, when the alert is triggered and Instant Match stops sending quotes, you’ve got a 20% cushion for new customers who respond later in the week.

How to set your budget:

How to set your budget - Step 1

How to set your budget - Step 2

How to set your budget - Step 3

Learn and adjust:

Not hearing back? Your budget might be too low to cover the cost of a customer response.  We recommend setting a budget at least 3x the price of a contact. View the Cost Guide to see the fixed cost for each customer contact by job type.

Spending too much? Keep in mind, with Instant Match you’re quoting for free—you only for an interested customer who views your quote and decides to take the next step of contacting you!

You can adjust your budget throughout the week to fit your needs, depending on your availability and business goals. Just keep the costs of customer contacts in mind. For example, if you’re aiming for two customer responses this week and a customer contact averages $15 for your occupation, if you set a budget of $10 per week, you might not reach your goal.

Track your spending:

Review “Your Week’s Activity” at the top of your Thumbtack Settings page. You can see how many quotes were sent, how many customers responded, and how much you spent.

Visit your payment settings where you’ll see charges for each customer contact.

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