Instantly match with jobs that fit your schedule.

Set your business hours so that your quotes are only sent for jobs when you’re actually free. Update your calendar anytime. We’ll only match you to jobs when you’re available.

Select your business hours

Here’s what to do:
  • Choose the days and times that you’re generally available each week. By default, all of the days are selected. Deselect days by clicking on the circles. Then, choose your start and end times for a typical workday, as well as your timezone.
  • Select how much notice you need before doing a job. You can select days, weeks or months – or, no advance notice required. We’ll make sure not to send quotes on jobs that don’t meet this criteria.
  • Set how far in advance a customer can book you for a job. Similarly, you can choose days, weeks, months, or no limit.

After you set your business hours, we’ll block off the right times on your calendar for you. You’ll be able to view and edit your calendar at any time, and block off specific days and times that might differ from what you set above.