Instantly match with the right customers.

You’re in control. Tell us the types of customers you’re looking for and we’ll instantly match you. With Instant Match, the customer preferences you select are very specific, which helps us make even better matches. You can adjust your preferences anytime.

Set your travel preferences

Travel preferences allow you to choose where you want to serve customers. Select from three options, and if you like, choose more than one:

  1. If you work remotely, over the phone or online, select that option.
  2. If you travel to your customers, select that option and then click on “Edit travel area.” You’ll see a map with certain zip codes highlighted in orange. These are the areas where we’ll look for customers for you. To add or remove a zip code, click the location on the map and it will change color. Or, above the map, you can click “See list view.” You’ll see a list of cities in your region. After you select a city, you’ll see the city’s name at the top along with a blue toggle button. This button allows you to turn all of the zip codes in that city on or off at the same time. To select specific zip codes, click the boxes to the left of the zip codes.
  3. If you prefer that customers travel to your workspace, select that option.

Select your job type preferences

We worked with pros in your industry to understand the factors you consider when deciding if a customer is the right fit. With Instant Match, you can tell us your preference for each of these factors so we’ll know exactly which jobs to quote on for you.

For each job type preference, select “Edit” at the top right. This will show you a list of job options. To start off, all of the options are selected. To make changes, uncheck the options that are not a fit for you–we’ll be sure not to send quotes for those jobs. You can adjust these preferences any time.

Spend the time to go through each preference. This will make sure that you’re getting the types of customers you want.