Instantly match with customers.

Millions of customers come to Thumbtack to hire professionals in their area. We help them find your business. You tell us about your business, your prices, and when you’re free. While you work, we sort through promising jobs and send your estimates to customers who are a good fit.

How it works

Set up Instant Match only once

Tell us exactly what jobs you want. Set your preferences and prices. Every detail helps us instantly match you with the right customers – plus, you can adjust them any time.

While you work, we work for you. Customers come to Thumbtack looking for a qualified pro. We ask them detailed questions to see what they need. When there’s a match, we send the customer a tailored price and your profile.

Only pay for interested customers. You’ll only be notified (and pay) when someone reaches out. We already sent them your quote so they’re ready to talk business.

Now win the job. When someone contacts you, the ball’s in your court. Answer their questions, tell them why you’re right for the job, and get hired.