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Single Mom Fulfills Lifetime Dream and Starts Makeup Business on Thumbtack

As the young single mother of a (very cute) 6 year old, Paula has had her work cut out for her. Even when she was growing up, Paula knew that she wanted to help make people beautiful, and always had a passion for makeup and hair. This year, she faced down the challenges of navigating the entertainment and makeup artistry industry to start her own business in Chicago, City Lights Makeup Artistry (CLMA).


Though Paula is the reason CLMA is thriving, we here at Thumbtack take immense pride in the fact that we have been able to help her grow her business to the point that she now employs two more artists to keep up with demand. Paula said, "Thumbtack sends me roughly 10+ leads per week...I say I book at least one job per week." She continued, "every client booked is also an opportunity for a referral." This is especially important for a new business. In fact, she booked a large wedding party (nine girls!) through Thumbtack that led to three referrals and even an invitation to a family BBQ - these are the types of stories we live for here at Thumbtack.

It matters to us that our customer requests turn into real work for our pros, and Paula knows that Thumbtack delivers the goods. "I have booked countless appointments due to my web presence on Thumbtack...I love that there is more to it than just listing too, we can rate clients, upload photos at anytime, answer Q & A so that our clients get to know us and increase our visibility by earning points!" Thumbtack is here to help, and it is great to know that we make Paula happy by sending her customers, and that she makes those customers happy by providing a terrific service.

Paula is just one of the hundreds of thousands of professionals you'll find on Thumbtack. Without amazing pros like Paula, we wouldn't be able to help people accomplish the personal projects that are central to their lives.

Local Cleaning Company Triples in Size After Joining Thumbtack

John and Mireya

John and Mireya have been in business in the Bay Area for over a decade, and they are passionate about green cleaning as a means to make our planet a safer place for our kids, our health, and our pets.

They initially got started with Thumbtack because they believed in the concept of an online marketplace that could help connect them with customers looking for their service. They gave Thumbtack a shot, and within a few months their trust was rewarded when their clientele tripled in size! With Thumbtack's help, OBC is now a premier cleaning company with 22 cleaners that continues to grow today.

When asked what makes Thumbtack stand out from the competition, John answered, "A key factor is that Thumbtack is an actual human company, they listen and provide results." He continued, "They are efficient and easy to work with since the first day we started with them."

We were lucky enough to meet John when he stopped by our office. We didn't think it was possible that there were people out there as excited about Thumbtack as we are - but we were wrong! John's enthusiasm for Thumbtack blew us away. Goes to show that when we are able to offer an easy-to-use service at a fair price, we win more than loyal customers, we win friends.

Singing Sensation Uses Thumbtack to Share Her Talents with Aspiring Star

Tara Simons

Some of the Thumbtack team members here at HQ are huge X Factor fans (ahem, Nathan). When he saw Tara Simon competing, he thought he might have recognized the name. Turns out Tara is a Thumbtack professional!

A passionate singer and teacher, she founded Tara Simon Studios to offer piano, voice, acting, and songwriting lessons to help prepare students for potential careers under the lights. Tara told us she started using Thumbtack because, "I wanted to broaden my business beyond word-of-mouth." We worked quickly to connect Tara with folks looking for singing lessons in her area, and what happened next is best explained by Tara herself: "I immediately began to get new student inquiries, and watched my business grow before my eyes!"

Tara has loved working with Thumbtack in part because of our stellar customer service. "Thumbtack really stepped up to the plate for me in the area of customer service... they really go the extra mile by assuring that I can speak with a real person who cares about my success."

Beyond the obvious benefits of "consistent new student inquiries," we also helped to get Tara featured on CNN. We are in the business of working for our pros, and we jump at any opportunity to do so.

Magician Finds Magic in Thumbtack's Local Services Marketplace

Didi is an award-winning magician and entertainer. She wows with her magic and miming skills, her professionalism, and her ability to delight and entertain kids and adults alike. Thumbtack wowed Didi when she turned one relatively small job that she set up through a Thumbtack request into a large-scale show! We'll let her tell the story:

Didi Maxx

"I'm a female magician and was hired by someone through Thumbtack. I entertained at a Halloween party for his friends and their families as a Magical Sorceress. The show was a big hit and the customer (whose name I can't reveal) turned out to be a very prominent person in the video gaming industry. He's asked me to perform at a large industry convention at the Javits Center this spring. This is not only a great gig, it's a great opportunity to get even more such gigs."

But wait, there's more! "It was the same event. After sawing one of the guests in half, I caught a glimpse of an old friend that I hadn't seen in over 10 years!! When we made eye contact, I recognized her. Still in character, I asked her to volunteer for another illusion. It took a little time, but she eventually did recognize me. And when she did, It nearly stopped the show!!!" We'd never claim that Thumbtack has magical powers, but the fact that we can deliver affordable requests, connect our pros with customers, and reconnect long lost friends can certainly seem magical. (And don't worry, we promise to leave the sawing in half of our customers to the experts.)

Personal Trainer's Business Changed by Thumbtack

Ricky Jackson

Ricky Jackson spent years as a strength and conditioning coach at Texas Southern University. After working 15-hour days to get over 400 athletes into top shape, Ricky decided it was time to venture out on his own and become a personal trainer in Houston.

Ricky was faced with the same problems many small business owners deal with when getting started - chiefly, how to find new customers? He tried a number of different marketing strategies, but nothing was up to his high bar for excellence - which his athletes will attest is high indeed. That is, until he found Thumbtack. "I happened upon Thumbtack about a year ago, and since signing up, I've had a 70% increase in my client base, and my income has tripled in the last year." Those are results that can satisfy even a stickler like Ricky.

When we called Ricky to ask him about his experience using Thumbtack, he said he had one word for us: "Spectacular!" He couldn't stay on the phone with us for long because he had not one, but two, customers booked through Thumbtack to attend to, but he did make a point of telling us how grateful he is for our help: "Thank you Thumbtack for making my business prosperous," and to share a message with other professionals out there: "With Thumbtack, marketing and advertising has become a painless measure!" For someone who specializes in putting people through the ringer, thats an endorsement we can be proud of.

Thumbtack Keeps Contractor from Retirement Because the Work is Too Good!

Douglas Hoover has been in the building business designing and constructing custom waterfalls for 30 years. Incredibly, over 2000 structures have his signature. His projects have won him the respect of his clients and have been featured on the front cover of eight magazines, including Better Homes & Garden Magazine. Intending to retire and travel, a few years ago Douglas and his wife sold their house and bought a motorhome. However, after stumbling on Thumbtack and seeing the requests that began to pour in, it quickly became clear that he couldn't pass up the opportunity to make more clients happy, and make some extra money in the process.

Douglas Hoover

Douglas reports, "I have averaged one request per week and one out of four turn into a job." Most contractors' mouths would water like one of Douglas's fountains if they saw those results from their online marketing efforts. And one of his stories is practically a contractor's dream: "One project lasted six weeks and the net profit was over $80,000 - and that was from a request that was only a few dollars to submit a quote for."

"Every request I get from Thumbtack could be a job, but I only work for the clients that have room for my motor home on their property," Douglas says. That's probably a unique constraint for one of our pros, but one that his customers are OK with because they know they are getting the best.

Though we normally don't like to keep our pros from early retirement, in this case I think we're happy making an exception. We'll keep the requests flowing!

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