A Push to Success


Building his business comes naturally for John Davis. Having been raised in a family of business owners and successful entrepreneurs, it is just but typical for him to have his own fruitful venture, The Corporate Action Hero. This former stuntman and fight director has been inspiring the corporate world with his wisdom.

I provide keynotes and workshops for clients looking to take their businesses to the next level. Oftentimes work environments become stagnant or toxic. My programs break them free to reach new heights.

John’s ability to listen and get engaged with his clients enable him to know them more and their needs. Through his fun and informative talks, they are able to realize how far they can go on the ladder of success if they follow through. John empowers his clients to be more open to changes and embrace achievement like a twin.

My greatest passion is effecting the lives of others in positive ways and seeing them excel because of something I said or did during one of my programs. Often, I receive private messages after a program from individuals who just wanted to tell me privately how much they were effected.

Whether you need a talk or workshop on customer service, personal achievement or sales, John is the motivational speaker that you’ve been waiting for. He’ll surely knock you out with the feasible information he will share.