An Impulse of Inspiration

Motivational public speaker, Jaquel Pitts is like a jolt of lightning giving energy and a new purpose to his audience. His knack on personal triumph and business management sets forth his clients to a better start in aiming for the pinnacle of success.

I enjoy speaking to public schools to inspire students to become successful. Corporate employees and administrators also benefit from my services because they are concerned with reaching higher levels of success.

Long before he built his business, Jaquel has jam-packed himself with the inspiration and ammunition to master challenges and turn them into victory. These experiences are gladly and freely shared to his audience every time he has an engagement. He has motivated more businessmen and women at an annual conference in Miami, Florida. Everyone was enthused to bring their companies to be one of the Fortune 500.

[The best strategy to keep my customers happy and satisfied with my services is] creating an environment that involves positive energy on a consistent basis.

When the warning sign says it’s time to bring in some encouragement to the workforce, then, it’s the moment to consider listening to Jaquel Pitts.