Capturing Your Best Angles


A beautiful photo is the result of not only the subject’s poses, but also the creative eye behind the lenses. Ed Esposito is a widely published photographer with over 30 years of experience.

What I love about my job is that I am able to plan, create, and deliver high-quality and precise images in many different genres, such as headshots, pets, landscapes, portraits, model shoots, commercial shoots, and event shoots. I love being in control of all facets of production, from planning studio sessions to editing and final work. I enjoy working with subjects during the planning and creation process.

Ed is based in Brooklyn, NY. He offers studio, location, commercial, and live photography.

There is no typical client per se. I photograph headshots, entertainment actors and actresses, models, corporate entities, animals, still life, landscapes, and commercial products. The type of client is dictated by the type of photo shoot.

Let an expert photographer capture your essence. Book a session with Ed Esposito today.