Combining Perspectives on Photography


We have a love and passion for people and photography! It is incredibly rewarding for us to capture special moments and life events that will forever be remembered by our clients. It was these desires that inspired us to form our photography partnership. There are always challenges in starting any new venture, but with a positive attitude and hard work, they can be overcome. Some of the challenges we face are building a client base, marketing our talent and staying current with the latest artistic interpretation of our art and ever-changing technology. By staying in sync with these trends allows us to continue to deliver an amazing and lasting finished product to our clients.

The clients of Behr | Richardson Photography come from different backgrounds and all walks of life. This is an aspect of their business that enriches their lives as they creatively meet the needs of each client. William Behr and Dawn Richardson give a personal touch to each and every client, forming lasting friendships beyond just a client-based relationship.

We tailor each session to meet our clients goals and ideas. Delivering a product that captures exactly what they are seeking is what differentiates us from other photographers. Also, we are highly competitive with one another. We love to see who will get the best shot of the event, and share this friendly competition with our clients!


We love gaining clients through Thumbtack. Being able to respond to a clients specific request allows us to quickly begin tailoring our services to best meet their needs. The ability to communicate through the Thumbtack messaging service makes booking projects a breeze. In addition, we are always accessible via text messages and emails so that we can immediately respond to our clients questions.

When Behr | Richardson Photography is booked, their clients get the photographic eye of two creative photographers providing two unique artistic perspectives. William and Dawn encourage a client meeting prior to the event being booked. They believe a face-to-face meeting insures that the clients desires are fully understood. In addition, building rapport early on provides the opportunity to build positive chemistry with their clients that goes a long way in capturing the best images.