Effective Home Management Solutions


Understanding one’s market is the key to success of most businesses. Marcie Laws doesn’t have to hire researchers to know what her clientele needs. Her experience as a single parent caring once for her infant son and a terminally-ill parent while managing the household and a business, motivated Marcie to create Mirabella Care. Through her boutique-style company, Marcie provides practical solutions for families, seniors, working parents and busy executives to keep their home and life running smoothly.

Our typical client wants to decrease the chaos and clutter in their life. Families come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we help them all. Our clients have a wide array of needs, from managing new additions, illness, injury to just needing help with daily logistics. We are happy to jump right in wherever an extra hand is needed.

Grocery shopping, healthy meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, daily errands — any home management task or project is a job for Mirabella Care. They have tried-and-tested solutions to save your time, money and energy so you don’t feel overwhelmed by life’s little tasks.

Recognized as an excellent service provider by the San Diego Woman Magazine and client reviews on Thumbtack, Mirabella Care is insured, bonded and guaranteed to give customer satisfaction for the range of services offered: quality in-home care to seniors including grooming, medication reminders and transportation; and home management support such as appointment scheduling, household chores and home organization.

We are flexible, adaptable and we always arrive with a smile.

Everybody needs help at one point in time. Let Mirabella Care be your partner in bringing organization into your life.