Leave the Details to the Detailed-oriented

Some people think that planning a wedding is nerve racking; award-winning wedding coordinator Sarah Viera thinks of it as enchanting and exciting. She wants to be perceived as someone who absolutely loves her craft. Her dedication to listen to her clients and her passion to take a plunge into each couple’s desires allow her to plan and create the perfect wedding envisioned by each couple.

What I feel makes my work or service stand out is the passion I possess for what I do. I put my heart and dedication into planning and coordinating each event. This isn’t just another event on my calendar; these are brides and clients that I have worked with and have grown to be a part of their lives in some cases. I take their vision and make it a reality by dedicating the time and effort into listening to what they really want. I think of every client as myself and think about what I would want in that situation. And the answer is always “I would want 100%”, so that is what I want to always give.

While she takes pleasure to be a part of every couple’s shared bliss; it also fascinates her to witness the overwhelming sentiments of the couple’s families, and she loves even more to see how she makes everyone enjoy the day. 

I love the opportunity to be a part of someone’s special day. I love watching the father see his daughter for first time as she stands there in her gown, and he slowly begins to cry as he realizes his little girl is not so little anymore. I love watching the groom when he first catches a glimpse of his new bride walking down the aisle, and his smile goes from ear to ear. And finally, I love providing happy moments for family and friends, and allowing them to enjoy the day to the fullest. Family members shouldn’t be setting up, cleaning up and organizing; they should be enjoying the day. And I can give them that opportunity.

Let Sarah be the eyes, ears and voice of your dream wedding. With her dedication, direction and expertise, this dream will surely be a reality.