Life in Still Images


Inspired by the creative freedom in seizing moments with the camera, David Steele Photography was born. David loves pooling resources with his clients in creating one-of-a-kind images and producing them in quality prints.

It’s wonderful to collaborate with a client to craft images that are both creative and useful.

David Steele Photography has been among the sought-after New York Metro provider of interesting and memorable images for corporate employees, television celebrities, environmentalists and athletes. However, from among the sea of projects that he did, his favorites was taking corporate headshots for a client.

My favorite project on Thumbtack was a corporate headshot project done on location for Pasternak wines. The shoot came together quickly all of my subjects were great the photos were turned around quickly and they were pleased with the images.

Love the picture that you are in. Let David Steele steal your breaths away with creative and unique images.