Musical Strings


Learning music is a long-term process that does not provide instant gratification. The gratification, when it comes, is much deeper, longer lasting and satisfying. I keep my students satisfied by addressing any difficulties they encounter in practicing or developing their study habits.

Richard Miller Guitar Studio welcomes music enthusiasts who want to hone their skills in playing the guitar and learning music theory and ear-training. Once you join guitar teacher Richard in his melodic quest, you will discover your musical voice and develop your talents. You do not only learn techniques and theory, you also gain confidence, learn what it takes to develop yourself to your highest potential and develop friendships and jamming partners.

What I love is that I get to be always in the conversation about music and about how people learn. Learning fascinates me.

Richard happily recalls one of his most memorable experiences with teaching. This past January, he took a group of five students to Costa Rica to learn guitar, surfing and yoga. The students loved it, and it was so successful that it has become an annual trip.

Who says learning guitar is all serious and hard? With Richard Miller as your instructor, you will experience having fun while studying.