Sweeping Your Worries Away

Carrie Holmes

A man had lost his wife and was living in an untidy house since her death. He never thought his home will become immaculately clean again until Carrie Holmes did her magic. He was able to have the house ready for his children’s visit.

The most effective way to keep my customers happy is to do a follow up call making sure they were happy and satisfied.

Carrie loves cleaning homes and seeing her clients smile with gratification on what she has accomplished. She transforms disorganized, messy spaces into orderly and tidy abodes. It has become her advocate to clean one home at a time and provide her clients a relaxed and spotless surrounding.

My most successful project was a client told me not to bother with one toilet upstairs. Every person that they’ve had could not clean the toilet. Well, I did it anyways and I was given a tip.

Are there stubborn stains and annoying dust around the corners of your homes? Carrie Holmes will surely help turn your space into a luxurious place.

Deep Transformation In You


I was inspired to start my own private practice because I wanted the freedom to practice my trade in a unique and innovative way. It is the best forum to bring my gifts of service to others.

Payton Tontz, PhD has been helping her clients seek self-understanding, clarity, peace and resolutions from discomfort or pain. Payton offers psychotherapy to a diverse array of people from different backgrounds. Although it was a challenge for her to put her work out in the business world, she sees to it that she remains true to her own authenticity as a human being.

Respect, professionalism and integrity are important to Payton in her customer relationships. She helps people go through major cycles of deep transformation.

Invest in yourself and be amazed at the results when you receive therapeutic support from the right person!

Dance Band and Entertainment Services


After a number of practices for what started out being just a hobby band, we decided to turn it into a business. The Retro-Rockets, an oldies/variety/dance band recognized by CBS Local, WJZ as one of Baltimore’s Best Retro Bands, is all about making and bringing back memories.

Would you like to have real fun at your parties? The Retro-Rockets can play music from the ’40s to the 80’s and all the way beyond that. The band sounds so good that your guests will enjoy singing and dancing along. No party is too big or too small for Retro-Rockets.

A successful gig is one with a large diverse audience who comes to listen, dance, and sing along with our music. Some of our favorite gigs have been Columbia Lakefront Summer Concert Series, Fair Hill Summer Concert Series, Holiday Park Senior Center, and the annual fundraiser for the Emmitsburg Osteopathic Primary Care Center.

Experience dancing and singing with one of the best bands available. Let Retro-Rockets entertain you.

Customized Solutions to Legal Problems

Michelle Chloe

Michelle Choe of The Chugh Firm has a team of dedicated attorneys and certified public accountants with intricate understanding of the complexities of all legal needs. Michelle usually serves low-income customers and corporate clients.

With over 100 attorneys, services they offer cover business, immigration and family law involving victims of domestic violence. They also handle cases on tax, litigation, wills and living trusts, corporate transactions, bankruptcy and real estate transactions.

Despite the seemingly tough business she moves in, Michelle’s compassion is truly what sets her apart. She gives counseling on legal and business needs, day or night.

I genuinely care about each and every one of my clients and strive to give each of them my individualized attention.

For customized solutions to your legal problems, consider The Chugh Firm.

Train and Eat for Fitness

Do you look at the mirror and don’t like the sight of excess fat? Are you looking for a way to live a healthier life? Or are you an elderly who is battling health issues? No matter what you need, when it comes to fitness training and nutrition, Andrea Schramek is the right professional for you.

After I received my personal training certification, I actually interviewed with a couple of gyms. It seemed at the time the focus was more on sales than the clients’ progression. I decided to start my own business because it would give me the freedom to try new things and not have to meet the financial goals of someone else. That decision being made, I went mobile with my business. When I received my fitness nutrition certification through NASM, I was able to incorporate a major part of the healthy lifestyle, which is diet.

Andrea is passionate about healthy lifestyle and helping customers have a better quality of life. While it is true that fitness training can be difficult, Andrea ensures that customers are kept engaged by providing health programs that are fun and result-oriented.

The first fitness outing I did: I took a group hiking along the Railroad Pass Trail by Lake Mead. Along the way we did a body weight based workout and when we got back to the truck, we had a great healthy picnic lunch!

You don’t have to live a life full of sickness and health issues. You can change your life today. Give Andrea Schramek a try to know to achieve this.

The Highly Experienced Skater


Do you want to learn some awesome skateboarding tricks? Rodney Mead of SK8ALOT offers one-on-one professional skateboard lessons for all ages and skill levels. He has over 35 years of experience in skateboarding that is why clients can be assured to get some of the industry’s best practices from Rodney Mead.

My best strategies are to have excellent customer service skills, being on time for lessons, making sure to be positive while teaching, having patience and achieving our goals.

Rodney also offers group lessons and birthday party demos. He provides lessons to kids with autism, too.

He has already skated and competed against some of the world’s greatest skateboarders over the years. Hire Rodney if you need one of the best professionals in this industry to teach you some fantastic tricks!

The Healing Art of Energy Medicine

Angel Clark

Experience the relaxing and healing power of energy medicine when you hire Angel Clark. For the last 20 years, she has made countless clients happy and healthy. She believes that connecting the body, mind and spirit is the key to improving the overall quality of living.

I studied massage therapy in Hawaii and then acupuncture and Chinese herbology in California. As I became more aware of my intuition and sensitivity through the massage and acupuncture treatments I was giving, I decided to take courses in energy healing modalities and to hone my intuitive and clairvoyant skills. All these studies prepared me for setting up my practice to give people deep and transformative healing on an energetic level.

Angel Clark started her interest on Energy Medicine when she had a car accident. She was amazed by how alternative medicine made her well. Now, she wants to share that same experience to as many people as possible so that they would be able to enjoy better well-being.

In two days I gave eighteen people amazing energy medicine treatments at a beautiful clinic in the Chelsea area of NYC. It was wonderful to connect with people living on the other side of the country and be a part of their healing journey. I am able to currently connect with many of these people in New York by giving them distance healing and readings.

If you are tired of all those synthetic drugs or you can’t seem to be satisfied with the conventional medicine, then give Angel Clark a try. Your body will appreciate natural healing.

Top Notch Tutoring School


Hailed from a family of businessmen, Corne Lombard starts off her own trade by establishing Tutor Doctor last year. She is passionate about learning and considers herself a lifelong learner.

Tutor Doctor accepts clients of all ages and subjects, including SAT and ACT tutoring. Their tutoring program is also designed to enhance study skills.

Receiving phone calls from parents raving about their childs success is always a joy to hear, their expectations are high and we are set to meet and exceed it.

Making a decision whom to hire for your childs education needs is not easy, take it from the happy parents helped by Corne. Enroll your child now!

Top Aikido Club


labor day gasshuku group photo (1)

Aikido in Fredericksburg is a non-profit corporation, whose headquarters is a dojo, developed with state-of-the-art training facility and operates on the educational mission of expanding the Fredericksburg Aikido Club, teaching and practicing the non-violent traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido.

The club was founded by Dwight Petersen in 1993. Chief Instructor Aviv Goldsmith Sensei, together with other experienced instructor teach Aikido in a cooperative manner so more advanced students generally train with newer students. Everyone learns together.

We have classes for students ages six to 89. These classes are separated, of course, so that kids train with kids, youths train with youths, adults train with adults, and there are low-impact classes for senior citizens. If students are sincerely interested in learning and can generally practice twice a week or more, Aikido can enhance many facets of their lives, not just self-defense training. Aikido will help with stress reduction and physical and mental fitness.

On top of their regular classes, the facility also holds special programs like holding camps for kids and teens, special classes for at-risk youth, special classes for autistic youth, residential programs for adults, and advanced training for Aikidoists from around the world.

Aikido in Fredericksburg also won numerous awards, what more can you ask for? Book them today and train with the top Aikido club!

The Wedding of your Dreams Become a Reality


Make your own love story by starting with a unique wedding planned and coordinated by Ashley Frye of Eucalyptus Events. Her passion for weddings and creating special moments has shown in all the projects which she organized.

Successful projects come from brides coming back [and] telling me how essential I was for their wedding, how they couldnt have imagined it happening without me. I take each event very personally; Im invested emotionally in this wedding, too.

Ashley put high significance not on how lavish or flamboyant a wedding is but on how the event warmed the hearts of the couple and their guests and how it has intensified their relationships. Most wedding planners care about picture-perfect the celebration is, but for Ashley, its all about a lifetime of memories captured by their soul.

I would say that we should meet, lets have coffee or wine and you tell me everything about your wedding day. Because believe me I actually really want to know all about it, and I want to get excited with you.