Personal Stylist

FAVE Cover Natalie Hall

My business is inspired by me and the lifestyle I want to have. Out of the ugliest circumstances and uncertainty, something beautiful can come about and evolve into something iconic.

James R. Sanders creates iconic fashion moments and maximizes the effortless chic that can be brought out of anyone. The greatest challenge he has encountered along the way was finding a manager for his career. Most of his clients are celebrities.

Personal-styling clients know that they want fashion, and they come to me with a great sincerity.

James is a huge believer in results. He wont leave the clients until they are happy. Fashion is ever evolving, but the classics are always in style. The thing clients mostly like about him is ability to do classic fashion with an updated twist. His favorite project was writing the cover story and styling actress Natalie Hall for the cover of Canadian magazine.

Fashion doesn’t have to be tricky or intimidating, it’s about finding what works for you. That’s what I help my clients find, THEIR FASHION.