Quality Home Inspection for a Lifetime Protection

You finally purchased that dream house for your family. From hardwood flooring, textured walls, marble kitchen countertops and handcrafted Chinoiserie wallpapers — everything seems to be perfect!

It may look so fine and dandy, but there could be termites harvesting your wood behind that chic covering. Electrical wirings might have been chewed by rats, and are now posing a fire hazard and asbestos fibers in your ceiling waiting, for the next victim.

Reduce the risk of unexpected expense from major house defects with licensed, certified and insured master inspector David Valley.

He has performed over 3,000 home inspections in the State of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and was rated A+ in Better Business Bureau.

With my level of integrity, my overall customer satisfaction, my bag full of high tech tools and my obsession with inspecting homes that I’ve never visited before, I will be providing real estate clients with the best choice for their home inspection needs.

In addition to these, he also has a solid understanding of heat transfer laws and thermal dynamics. He uses advanced infrared thermal imaging camera, natural gas and carbon monoxide leak detectors, digital snake camera, temperature sensors, moisture meter, lasers and more to detect, interpret and document hidden faults and anomalies in your home.

I have one goal in mind…consumer protection and education. I will be my client’s building consultant for the life of their home.

Protect your family, investment and yourself. Have a sound home inspection from David Valley.