The Diamond Jeweler


The owner’s family has been in the diamond industry for almost a century. It definitely falls in line with being a family business, and the owner (Dan Moran) has honored that. The greatest challenge has been the start-up process.

Amanda Curtis operates Concierge, a diamond and fine jewelry business. They provide exquisite pieces to retails stores, private clients as well as dealers. They take pride in meeting the budget of all sizes of clients.

Complete transparency. That goes for everything: price/discounts, production updates, realistic expectations, and knowledge. For private clients, we actually sit and explain the 4 C’s in depth and teach them how to look at a diamond properly.

Many clients have witnessed the high quality workmanship they are providing. Among their many pieces, Amanda shares that her favorite was a 5-carat Asscher Cut center-stone engagement ring. It has been their most intricate, technical piece ever.

For your diamond and fine jewelry needs, better try Amanda Curtis.