The Entertainment Manager


I would say the inspiration came from my family/friends. I’ve had friends that were in the entertainment business and have had their share of stardom. I began by playing a supporting role, which later turned into a management role.

Jason Johnson heads Big Bodega Entertainment, a group composed of two hip hop artists, two music producers, and two DJs. He is also a part owner of a film company, Phantastic Philms which provides photography, videography and more.

I manage two Hip Hop artists, two Music Producers, two DJs, and part owner of a film company “Phantastic Philms” which includes photography, videography (Music Video’s, weddings, events, etc.) attentiveness and great quality. If the client experience is high on every level, that merits return service.

His biggest challenge in starting his business was keeping his clients working and buzz within the notice. He believes with the economy now, entrepreneurs should be able to adapt.

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