The New Era of Health Training

Add vigor to your life through fun and right training programs that fit your needs. Who knows better than wellness guru, Valerie Washington? She loves being connected with her clients on their journey to a better and healthier life. Witnessing them develop self-confidence and improve their lifestyle makes her proud as their trainer.

Whether you are a mother who wants to get back in shape or an individual who needs rehabilitative exercises after a knee replacement and bring back agility, Valerie can help you achieve your goals.

What makes my job so fantastic is that it is not a job! It is a passion that has grown with me over years. Health and wellness is a journey that we are all on, all the time, everywhere, and in everything we do. What started as a profession quickly developed into a purpose.

Valerie motivates her clients to bring out the best in them. It is in the level of guidance that most people succeed. With her pushing them forward while giving them the right challenges to keep the fun up, her clients always end up happier and fitter.

Working as a staff fitness specialist for a number of years it soon occurred to me [that] I could better serve my clients if I could offer flexible scheduling, customized programs, and value pricing. I would say my clients inspired me to start my own business.

Put on those sweatshirts, and be ready for an adventure that takes health to a new level. Recover from a painful surgery through fun and results-focused workout. All these you can enjoy when you partner with personal trainer, Valerie Washington of New Fitness Lifestyle.