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The Thumbtack Top Pro program

The Top Pro program celebrates professionals dedicated to delivering outstanding customer experiences on Thumbtack.

What is a Top Pro?

The Top Pro distinction is reserved for a very small fraction of Thumbtack’s most dedicated and highly-rated professionals—in fact, less than 4% of Thumbtack pros currently qualify.

To be a Top Pro, a professional must have a track record of delivering exceptional experiences and getting hired often. Read more about “How to Become a Top Pro” below.

Perks of being a Top Pro

We’re proud to provide the following exclusive perks as a reward for Top Pros’ stellar work.

A stamp of success

A special Top Pro ribbon will appear on your profile and quotes to help you stand out. Plus, you’ll get a personalized Top Pro badge to post on your site and social pages. Access it here.

Priority customer service

We’re dedicated to the success of Top Pros. That’s why, when you contact customer support, you’ll receive priority service from our amazing support team.

Exclusive announcements and invites

As a Top Pro, you'll be the first to hear about new features, events, and more. Look for invitations to exclusive programs and unique chances to highlight your business.

How to become a Top Pro

Professionals who work hard and meet these three benchmarks qualify as Top Pros on Thumbtack.

  • Deliver exceptional service. Top Pros have maintained a rating of at least 4.8 stars based on their verified reviews over the past 12 months.
  • Ask for reviews. Top Pros have received at least five verified reviews from Thumbtack customers in the past 12 months.
  • Get hired on Thumbtack. Top Pros have been marked as hired at least ten times within the past 12 months.

We apply these three criteria to all Thumbtack pros twice each year, at the beginning of January and July. Those who qualify as Top Pros will be announced soon thereafter. Additional Terms and Conditions apply.

Meet a few of our Top Pros

These Top Pros are dedicated to delivering world-class experiences to Thumbtack customers, and we’re thrilled to highlight their passion.

JaNae Thomas

“For me it’s important to be able to offer excellent service at an affordable price.”

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Garrett Hurlbut

“Being consistent, using Thumbtack regularly, and responding promptly really helps differentiate you.”

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Kaitlyn Noble

“Great work speaks for itself, and your clients will keep coming back.”

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  1. Once I become a Top Pro, do I remain a Top Pro forever?

    Only if your performance continues to meet the Top Pro benchmarks forever. We apply the program’s objective criteria to all Thumbtack pros — even existing Top Pros — twice each year, at the beginning of January and July. If you no longer meet the Top Pro criteria at the next evaluation, you’ll no longer qualify for Top Pro status.

    If you lost your Top Pro distinction, don’t worry! You can become a Top Pro again during the next evaluation. And we’ll make sure you receive performance updates so you know you’re on track to earn back your title of Top Pro on Thumbtack.

  2. Can I pay to become a Top Pro on Thumbtack?

    No. The Top Pro distinction is earned solely by meeting the objective benchmarks of the program and cannot be purchased or obtained any other way. For more details, see “How to become a Top Pro” above.

  3. How will customers know I’m a Top Pro?

    An eye-catching orange ribbon will appear on your profile and quotes to indicate your distinction as a Top Pro and help you stand out. You’ll also get a personalized badge to put on your website, emails, social media pages — wherever!

  4. How do I know how close I am to becoming a Top Pro?

    We’ll send you a periodic status report that lets you know where you stand in relation to each of the four criteria for qualification. You can use this status report to track your progress in the run up to our semi-annual evaluations in January and July.

    You can also track your progress yourself by logging into your Thumbtack account. You can look at your verified reviews and calculate your average star rating over the last 12 months. And make sure you always mark yourself as hired so that you can count that, too!

  5. I think I’m qualified. How come I’m not a Top Pro?

    There are three objective criteria that determine who is a Top Pro. Meeting those criteria is the only way to become a Top Pro. We apply these criteria to all pros at the beginning of January and July and announce Top Pros soon thereafter. See “How to become a Top Pro” above.

    Because number of hires is one of the benchmarks of the program, don’t forget to mark yourself as hired after a Thumbtack customer has selected you to complete a project.

  6. How many Top Pros are there? Do you cap the group at a certain number?

    There is no cap on the number of Top Pros on Thumbtack, and any individual who meets the three objective benchmarks will become a Top Pro. However, only a very small number of professionals currently qualify for the program.

  7. Do anonymous reviews count towards Top Pro qualification?

    Yes. Anonymous reviews are verified because only customers who use Thumbtack can mark their reviews as anonymous.

Top Pros are not endorsed by Thumbtack. For full details about the program, please see our Terms and Conditions.