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“The Healer of Hearts and Minds”


Healer since 1974, Shaman since 1994, classes since 1997.

About Shamanic Enterprises

Belief is not required for success in this work.

A private session lasts approximately one and one half to two hours. The process is done at the office or remotely if needed. The work consists of the removal of burdens associated with past traumas, emotional and or physical, including misunderstandings. Additionally, if a person is infected with dark entities, they will be removed as part of the standard session. Once an item is dissolved, it is permanent.

Many other healing systems are not designed to detect and or remove any entities found. If you would like to read what others are saying about this work, please check out my website.

Private Healing Sessions remote or in person will start with a full body scan. The Body Scan consists of placing a mirror image of the individual in a defined area. Generally about six feet from the individual. Therein the scan begins. Once the information is revealed, the second stage of the healing session begins. We will examine the causes for the problems residing therein. Upon developing a good understanding of the causes associated with the ailments, processes are started.

On average, 70% of my clients require only one session.

Pet work. Pets are like people, just sometimes easier to bring about a healing of an ailment.

House Clearing. If you have some problems in your house most of the work can be done remotely. On site work is available.

Charges for the services listed above are one-hundred-fifty to two hundred forty dollars per session. All matters dealing with funds will be clearly discussed before any work is done.

As with the classes, I also provide "Spiritual Scholarships". In other words, if your are short of funds, please contact me privately.

I have been a healer since 1974, Shaman since 1994, and teacher since 1997. I am the author of Taking Flight, The Shamanic Process.


Fort Worth, TX 76103

Question and answer

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Always check our their Testimony pages, and be sure to confirm that the session success is dependant wholly upon the provider.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. Q: Will I have to return for retreatment and/or additional work?
A: Unlikely. Fully 70% of my clients do not need a retreatment and/or additional work. The remaining 30%, 20% will require on additional session, and the remaining 10% will need a few more sessions, depending upon complexity.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Belief is not required. 70% of my clients do not need additional work.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. The success rate. Something I've wanted to achieve since 1974.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. How do you do it?
I have figured out how to locate the Emotional Thought Energy Matrix in the Intellect and extract it. The memory remains, but the emotional aspect is dissolved permanently.

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. As I mentioned during our session I've been a student of metaphysics for almost 25 years. In that time I've consulted psychics of every type, Astrologers, Reiki masters, Tantric practitioners, Energy Workers, Yogis, etc. etc. I've often gotten useful information and/or felt better when I left them but it was never lasting, nor that effective, because as I found out after seeing you, they never got to the core of the problem. They were treating symptoms not healing the disease. For years, I've had psychics tell me, "You could do this" or "You should be a healer" or "You can be an energy worker" and part of me wanted to, but I was never sold on any particular school of energy work. I dabbled in Reiki and other energy work modalities for a time but never got that into it. Perhaps I was waiting to find one that actually worked.

What you did is/was amazing - even more so because it didn't involve any props, or new age music, or hocus pocus, or even my belief in it. It bypassed all the logic and sensory bulls and went straight to the heart of the matter to get real and (I trust) lasting results.

Recently, I started having trouble with the vision in my left eye. Within a day my vision was blurry and I had black clouded images. I immediately started thinking about losing my vision, not being able to work, etc. I am sure that thinking just added to the fear. Remember I said Charles was my go-to guy, so I called him and he suggested I come to his next class that week.

Let me also say that Charles does not fit into any mold you might consider for a healer. I tell my friends that he is very direct in his communication, he does not sugarcoat his messages, and you may not like what he says, but I recommend him.

With this in mind and knowing that the only option was to receive a total healing, I went to class. (I could tell from my classmates that they could sense or see something was awry since I did not get the usual hugs. Of course I knew something was up, my vision was in a crisis state.) Towards the end of the class, Charles decided to work on my eye. From across the room he started pulling the messy energy out of my eye. Others in the room could see on an astral level the dark energy being pulled out. After getting a handful of this yucky energy, the shaman-at-work threw the ball towards the light of the sun. This was not the end of it. Over the next five minutes, Charles removed the darkness that was around my whole body, it was all connected and he patiently and persistently pulled the energy out. I was not able to see this darkness, only the manifested lack of clear vision, not the form that the dark energy took which might look like a monster or creature to some. After removing this huge form, I totally felt better, my vision was clear, I was actually relieved.

Without going into the aspects of healing, I can only express my gratitude for the work Charles does. He is someone you can approach, ask questions, and gain an understanding for your own spiritual growth and awareness. Mostly, this is done through humor. At the same time, Charles takes the healing work seriously and you know he is dedicated to bringing light to the planet. Along with this miraculous healing came some advice about being careful with whom I hang out with; in other words, consider the thoughts/people I entertain and mingle with thoughts of a higher vibration, the vibration of love. Simply put, staying in the vibration of love is key to seeing clearly! Now my vision is clear and my energy body vibrant and healthy. Thank you, Charles.
A.P. 2010

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