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Maid To Clean Services Houston

Maid To Clean Services Houston

Missouri City, TX

11 years in service

15 employees

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“Your Home or Office will Gleam With Clean!”


Maid To Clean Services was founded by a former Houston ISD school teacher April 31, 2004. We opened our doors servicing the greater Houston Area and Fort Bend County; focusing on value, quality, professionalism, and a keen eye for detail!

About Maid To Clean Services Houston

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We are the premier residential and commercial housecleaning service in Houston. We provide cleaning services in both Harris and Fort Bend County. We also provide industrial, post-construction cleanings, make-ready, apartments, hoarding services, , junk removal and hauling services, laundry, and window washing services and carpet cleaning.

All of our services are 100% guaranteed. If there is ever a problem with our service, we will return and re-clean the problem area free of charge. No questions asked!

Our maids are professionally trained, and their backgrounds are checked. We are bonded and insured for customer protection and satisfaction. Maid To Clean Services will furnish all cleaning supplies and equipment for no additional charge.

Your home or property, depending on the square footage, will be thoroughly cleaned by a team of (2-6) ladies. Our rates are extremely competitive. We will clean your home the way that you would clean it, if you only had the time!

We provide excellent cleaning services for a very fair rate. All quotes are free. When you choose Maid To Clean, your home and office will Gleam with Clean!


Missouri City, TX 77489

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  • 5/5 stars Move-in or Move-out Cleaning Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    My house has never EVER been so clean! They took their time and got every nook and cranny and my house is sparkling! I am absolutely amazed!! I will be using this service again, no doubt about it! Thank you so much!

    Pat B. from Maid To Clean Services Houston replied to this review on June 25, 2015:

    Thanks Brett! It was a pleasure providing services for your family. We appreciate your business!

  • 1/5 stars House Cleaning (Recurring) Verified Review


    This has to be one of the most unprofessional cleaning service organizations that I have EVER dealt with. First of all, they were late on the day of arrival, which can happen due to the traffic in Houston; however, you should always communicate with your client to advise if you will not be prompt. Secondly, the cleaning job that was performed was horrendous. The ladies were “cleaning” but everything was left in the same spot, for example, in my son’s room, there were items on his dresser and the ladies just wiped around it, I swiped my finger under the items and there was still dust on the dresser, additionally, they claimed to have “made up” the bed but there were no sheets on the bed. For this instance, someone should have asked if there were sheets for this particular bed. Furthermore, they were taking extremely long and I didn’t see a cleaning job that my family and I could not have potentially done ourselves. They were moving so slow that I literally had to tell them do not worry about the Master Bedroom and Bathroom because I was so unimpressed and really wanted them out of my house. The products used left a film on my floors and granite counter tops. The job was so bad that I had to hire a new cleaning service, which caused me to pay extra because it was a Saturday and last minute. Then to add insult to injury, Pat Bell-Babers shows up to my house UNANNOUNCED (we have a difference of the term since she left a message on Thumbtack and I didn’t see it until today) to ask for a step ladder 11 days after service. I told her that we did not have the ladder and she insisted on arguing about it on the Thumbtack forum. Unfortunately, she could not comprehend that if I have money for a cleaning service, SURELY, I have money for a $20.00 step ladder, which if it were at my home, it was not used to dust any of my ceiling fans while they were present. In the end, this PROFESSIONAL called me a pest and liar and I filed a formal complaint with Thumbtack. I’ve never experienced anything like this because my previous maid service was with me for 9+ years before her untimely death. She was very kind, respectable, and honest when she cleaned our home, as well as, our friend’s home. I would not recommend Pat Bell-Babers to clean ANYTHING for anyone

    Pat B. from Maid To Clean Services Houston replied to this review on July 3, 2015:

    Yes ma'am,

    This review was just brought to my attention. Please be advised that you reviewed the wrong company. We never serviced your home! We are currently working to have your review removed. Please see your original request for further details regarding the company that you actually hired, if it was indeed a Thumbtack professional.

    Thank you, and best wishes!

  • 5/5 stars Deep / Spring Cleaning Verified Review

    Great job!

  • 4/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    Although the quality of the cleaning service was pretty good, the maids were 45 minutes late and never contacted me to tell me they were having issues finding the house. I called the main company, and they told me they would call the maids but I waited for another 15 minutes before they pulled up to the house.

    The group was also extremely helpful at finding a time that they could come and clean that worked with my schedule. A huge relief!

    Pat B. from Maid To Clean Services Houston replied to this review on June 7, 2015:

    Thanks for the feed back Alissandria! We appreciate you using our service. Unfortunately, from time to time delays may happen, either because of poor navigation or human error. Since, this was a move-out cleaning the ladies spent extra time on your cleaning. The new tenants expressed their gratitude, and they were thoroughly pleased with the cleanliness of the duplex, refrigerator, and they stated that the oven looked brand new!

  • 5/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    Pat's ladies did an excellent job for my move out. I was satisfied and more importantly the gal from the leasing office was satisfied. I have already recommended them.

  • 5/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    The two ladies did an excellent job. They were thorough and took the time to work with excellent care. We will call on this fine service time and again as needed.

  • 2/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    I was looking to get my house cleaned before I put it up for sell. Pat bell-babers is who I hired. Three ladies came to my house to clean and they did a poor job. They spent 6 hours cleaning but I am not sure what took them so long. I had the house pre-cleaned and requested the base boards, fridge, oven, groute in bathrooms, cabinets, stairs and floors cleaned. The base boards were done well. Oven looked good however when I returned home after leaving them for 5 hours I noticed it didn't close fully and I was told "it was like that" when I KNOW this was not the case. The sinks were full with water and not draining and I was told "it was like that". Not sure what products they used but I KNOW this was not the case when I left that morning. I had to request for them to clean the stairs two more times and the cabnients didn't look cleaned at all. The fridge wasn't even touched!! I felt bad asking them to go back and clean what I pointed out but I paid $245. It seemed like I was wrong for asking them to clean right by there attitudes. The way they mop is spraying some fabuloso and swiffering quickly...very strange and not efficient for getting floors CLEAN.

    Pat B. from Maid To Clean Services Houston replied to this review on May 24, 2015:

    Ms. Charvat,

    Thank you very much for your feed-back, and we regret that you were not completely satisfied with your cleaning. Since, our ladies always give 100 percent to every cleaning! However, when professionals bid on a Thumbtack request for services, we are only bidding on the specific services that a homeowner has requested in that initial work order request. Any further services requested by the homeowner are an additional rate. Hence, if you would please take a look at your original request for services, you only asked for your home to be deep cleaned, your interior refrigerator to be cleaned, your oven to be cleaned, and your interior windows to be washed. Your team cleaned all of these areas in great detail. The three ladies also hand washed your staircase (3) times, and mopped it twice per your request as your home also has pets....However, Grout cleaning was not included in that original request. Since, it is always our goal to completely satisfy our customers, the ladies did agree to scrub the grout in two of your bathrooms. This added approximately 1 and a half hours to your deep cleaning. We only charged an additional $20 for the grout cleaning in both bathrooms. You also included a $20 tip for the three ladies that cleaned your home. Our ladies always keep a friendly and professional attitude when interacting with all customers. We have never had any complaints otherwise. There was a floor supervisor on site for your cleaning as well, and when one of the ladies began cleaning an upstairs bathroom, she immediately notified our supervisor that the sinks were not draining. Our supervisor addressed the drainage issue with you shortly after you returned home. The oven was cleaned with care, and the only issue was the racks needed to be repositioned, which is what our floor supervisor subsequently did. None of our ladies have ever been accused of damaging any property or causing any plumbing problems. The chemicals that we use are powerful and efficient cleansers, but completely eco-friendly. Futhermore, we have never used Fabuloso on any homes or offices, during the past 11 years of business, and never will. It is just not something that we use. The team that cleaned your home has over thirty years of experience between them. It is most unfortunate that you were not at all satisfied with your cleaning, and again we apologize for falling short. We contacted you the following day regarding a full refund for your cleaning. However, you chose not to have your account refunded or to have your home re-cleaned at this time. Again, our goal is always complete customer satisfaction. We will always do whatever it takes for you to have a great cleaning experience with us. You the customer will always be our most valuable asset!

  • 5/5 stars House Cleaning (Recurring) Verified Review

  • 4/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    They did a wonderful job! They were very professional and thorough. Our house has never been so clean before. We highly recommend!

  • 4/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    Very satisfied with Maid to Clean Services, would highly recommend to anyone needing a detailed cleaning.

  • 5/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    We had a pretty dusty, filthy home that has never been deep cleaned. Two girls came over to our home to clean and they did a splendid job! They were very detailed and made sure everything was done as we requested. They were approachable, professional and well-mannered. My family was so happy to see the work they have done and what a huge difference it was to have our home deep cleaned. The two girls who came over were very hard working! Thank you!

  • 5/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    We have 3 dogs and 2 toddlers, so our house was pretty dirty. The maids that came to clean were very thorough and polite. They did a great job and cleaned more than I expected them to. Our house now smells and looks great!

  • 5/5 stars Cleaning Out Verified Review

    Provided grocery shopping services. Sean did an excellent job of followin my list, and put my groceries away for me. She was timely and charming! Ill us them again on a regular basis.

  • 5/5 stars

    Very professional and detailed. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a cleaning service.

  • 4/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    The first time they came, this is what happened...They were asked to do a one time clean of our new home which was empty of furniture and we wanted the blinds cleaning too.
    Email correspondence initially good. They were due to arrive at 2.30pm but didn't get there until 3.30 which meant were waiting in the car as the house is empty. Eventually they arrived. They said they would be 4 hours. We were phoned after just over 3 hours to say they had finished. We did a walk through of the house and were totally unimpressed. Very shoddy work. Two low ceiling lights were still thick with dust. We were not convinced that the fans had been cleaned. The high fan had been partly wiped as you could see that from the loft but only the edges of the blades. Although the rest of the house was fairly clean, if we hadn't both been seniors, we could have done just as well. To owner was telephoned and was very uncooperative and insisted that we paid the full price which was over $200. She would make no allowance. The company finally got back to me to offer a re-clean of the property free of charge. They subsequently came and did an excellent job. Based on the second visit I would recommend this company.

    Thank you


    Pat B. from Maid To Clean Services Houston replied to this review on January 29, 2015:

    We always appreciate the feed-back from our customers. Complete customer satisfaction, quality, and integrity has been the basis of our business for eleven years! That is why when other small businesses have closed their doors in the Houston area, we have remained a solid positive force. When services are initially scheduled, we speak with our customers in depth about their particular needs. They are quoted a price, and given an estimated amount of time the cleaning will take for their home. We also stress that the time given is only an estimate. Depending on the size, requested additional services or the condition of the home; the estimated time frame could be a little more or a little less. The customer's home was just over 2500 sq ft. We encourage our customers to communicate with us in detail prior to the services, as this makes for a better cleaning experience for all parties. A couple of very small areas we missed because our staff followed their work order which is prepared after our detailed conversation with our customers. Upon arrival our staff always conducts a walk-through with the customer prior to beginning their cleaning sessions. Unfortunately, none of the small "missed areas" were mentioned by our customer. Our customers are also encouraged to walk-through the home after the cleaning session has ended, in order to ensure they are completely satisfied with their service. The customer mentioned a couple of small areas: a small cobweb at the top of a light fixture and one ceiling fan which our staff promptly addressed. The fans had been previously cleaned during the cleaning session. A team of (3) staff members were on the property for a little over three hours. However, when we realized that our customer still was not completely happy, we promptly called to reschedule a return visit. We offered to re-clean the home for free. We also cleaned the oven as a courtesy and we offered to take $25.00 off of their next cleaning. Furthermore, we offered to return all of their monies for the initial service (a total of $216.00 which included applicable tax). Our customers and our business integrity is utmost important to Maid To Clean! We will do whatever it takes to offer our customers the most pleasant cleaning experience available. We had to reschedule the return visit once, due to the customers request! Our goal is to return as soon as possible to address any customer concerns. Hence, when we were finally able to return: we re-cleaned the entire home; including a courtesy cleaning of the oven, blinds, ceiling fans, all light fixtures, doors, cabinets, windowsills, baseboards, kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, and all flooring. Our customer was completely happy, and said that we provided "Excellent" service to them! Maid To Clean's goal has always and will always be "Complete Customer Satisfaction"! Again, we are grateful that our customer allowed us to make their cleaning experience a joyful one!

  • 5/5 stars House Cleaning (One Time) Verified Review

    Will use them again....fully satisfied

  • 5/5 stars Cleaning Out Verified Review

    Pat provided me with two helpers during the holiday weekend to get more of my rooms unpacked and organized. They were both very polite and helpful. I would recommend this service!

  • 4/5 stars

    My experiences have been very pleasant. They have keep on time with the appointments. They have paid attention to details...ie blinds, baseboard, behind and under things. They come well prepared to handle all details of cleaning in a timely fashion. A trusted service.

  • 5/5 stars

    Ms. Bell-Babers has been cleaning our homes for nine years. She first started in our older home and currently is cleaning our new home. She provides detailed, thorough, exemplary service. She has identified cleaning problems noticed or areas of concerned in our new home and provides recommendations. Her staff is very professional, trustworthy, and courteous at all times. I have been at home while they were cleaning as well as not home. She monitors the staff performance each visit and always asked if our expectations have been met. She takes extreme pride in her cleaning services and maintains excellent communication. She is honest, reliable, efficient, and always provides high quality professional service. I highly recommend Ms. Bell-Babers, Maid to Clean Service which is extremely service oriented.

  • 5/5 stars

    Outstanding service provided by Pat, Humberto and their crew! After purchasing a property (which had been abandoned for several years and all but destroyed with the previous homeowner's contents still inside) I needed some serious help - The crew was professional, on time and thorough - I will definitely use them again when it's time for our post construction clean-up and recommend them to everyone I know!!!

Question and answer

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Call the company and ask questions. Do your homework. Is the person that you are speaking with knowledgeable about pricing, and the services that are provided? Are they friendly, patient, and helpful? Do they seem concerned about your individual cleaning needs?

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. Are the employees screened and professionally trained? If, there is a complaint will my concerns be addressed in a timely professional manner?

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. Are the company's services 100% guaranteed? Is the company Bonded and Insured? Do they provide free phone and in-home estimates? Are the employees professinally trained, and supervised for atleast a two week period, before entering a customer's residence? Does the company routinely do background checks?

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. We are thorough and our staff is professionally trained. We guarantee our services 100 percent. If there is ever a concern with a service that we have provided; we will return and address the problem free of charge!

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. We are in the business of satisfying customers, and making their lives just a little bit more comfortable and manageable! Satisfying our customer is our main focus and priority!

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. Yes. One of our recent customets told us that she lovesi it when we come, because her home "looks like new"! That made us amile. She lives in Sienna Plantation .

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

A. That it really is hard work. But very satisfying work. Because you are helping families to keep their lives in orderr and their homes clean and healthy environments!

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