Jade-Yin Hom, Vibrational Alchemist, Mentor, Teacher

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About Jade-Yin Hom, Vibrational Alchemist, Mentor, Teacher

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I work with subtle energies to support health in the body, joy in the heart and vision for your life.

With a background in healthcare, training in quantum based modalities (Matrix Energetics, Holographic Principles), consciousness based modalities (Access Consciousness, Psych-k), and Reiki combine with listening to your narrative, sessions with me can transform your life. You will begin to create an empowering and soul satisfying narrative for yourself and then show up dynamically as YOU truly be.

Everything has a frequency. My work helps to increase the frequency of your body so you can enjoy health. Re-wiring your subconscious mind for success results in joy and an expansion of consciousness. This expansion in consciousness will also expand your vision for your life.

I love what I do because I get to witness miracles often. It's amazing what my clients can heal. I believe everyone has greatness within that is just waiting to come out and play and I can't wait to play with you in the quantum field.

Results of working with me:

> more joy
> health
> clarity
> empowerment
> alignment with your Truth
> harmony between body, mind, soul, and spirit
> more laughter and better sleep

I teach all levels of Reiki. One of my joys is seeing my Reiki students find their path and connect with the healer within. It's powerful and transformational. I help my Reiki students access their Akashic records so they can receive the frequencies of the many gifts they have earned in the many life times they have been around. This is an incredible experience for all. What would it be like if you can download all the healing and psychic gifts you have from the last 100 lifetimes? Are you ready to be the healer you know you can be?

Reiki I&II:
You receive Reiki I&II attunements and symbols, learn the history of Reiki, learn hand positions for self-healing and for giving a session to another. You will be guided to meet your own guides so that you have a way of learning to trust your inner guidance. Work with the Akashic records to receive/reawaken gifts you have from many lifetimes as healer, shaman, teacher, etc. You will practice accessing your own intuitive knowing with crystals and gemstones, give a session to self and practice giving a complete session to another person.
You will receive a certificate after completing Reiki II.

Reiki Adv and Reiki Master:
You will be learning more symbols and how to give attunements. Self-development as a healer and ethical practices of a practitioner will be cover in more depth than in Reiki I & II. More practice with using crystals for healing. Learn about the Microcosmic orbit and how to use it during attunements. More in-depth learning about chakras and the energy body. Emotional healing and possibly past life issues are cover.

I mentor practitioners who would like more training in energy medicine, refine their intuitive/psychic gifts, learn how to create offers of your own for their clients. How to handle client issues, how to design a session, how to be in business as an energy healer.


Seattle, WA 98103

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  • 5/5 stars Reiki Healing Verified Review

    Absolutely amazing and wonderful. Extremely welcoming and has a great genuine concern for the well-being of her clients. It was an honor to meet her and work with her!!

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Healing Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Lessons Verified Review

    Jade is extremely intuitive and sensitive. I have already referred friends to her for healing. The Reiki classes were very insightful.

  • 5/5 stars

    Jade is a powerful and intuitive reiki practitioner who is knowledgeable about and incorporates many other modalities as needed, such as cranial sacral work. When I laid on the table, I could immediately feel the strength of her energy, and she knew exactly where to focus on in my body. She is also very personable, upbeat and fun -- great qualities to have in a healer.

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Lessons Verified Review

    I took Reik I and II from Jade. She is a very nice and friendly instructor. I was lucky that I had a one on one teaching from her. I like what I've learned. And I got so much positive energy from her during and after the classes. Thanks.

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Lessons Verified Review

    Jade is an extremely gifted healer and teacher. She teaches with great respect for the healing modalities and the students intuition. You will get a lot of great information and guidance from jade but not a lot of programmed instruction. Instead, she will offer her energy and not prohibit you from expressing your own healing methods in your own way. She gives so much respect to the reiki energy and the intuitive nature of the individual healer. It really allows one to form his/her own relationship with the healing art without much interference from te teacher. In short, I recommend jade as a very talented teacher an healer. If you have the ability to trust yourself and want to culminate your own intuition as a healer, then jade will provide a valuable infrastructure for your growth.

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Healing Verified Review

    Very nice experience. I felt calmer when I left... We'll see how I progress.

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Lessons Verified Review

    I took Reiki 1 and 2 from Jade. What I appreciated most about her is the fact that she is legitimately skilled yet unpretentious. Jade is very personable, compassionate, and has an innate ability to connect with people wherever they are at emotionally, energetically, or geographically. We were discussing people i would like to do a remote healing session on, and she tuned in to someone I thought needed healing. She was able to identify specific personal details about the person that I did not mention anything about, such as their actual weight in pounds (230lbs) and what medication they were taking for health problems seemingly unrelated to the reason I thought they needed the healing in the first place (prednisone). At the end of day 2 I was to practice reiki on a model patient. She walked me through the whole thing, and explained what she was doing in the energy field, etc. The patient, responded to the treatment very strongly, especially when we changed techniques. After the session the patient said the movement of energy she felt was so strong it was almost uncomfortable at one point. I found all of these things both reassuring and fascinating, it's not as though the patient could see what we were doing. I was skeptical that I could do it. Reiki opens you up to your natural abilities, whatever they are, everyone is different, and with practice you hone your skills. When it came time to perform reiki on an actual person, I felt a wave of intense fear. I did not express this until the session was over, because I didn't want to ruin it for the patient receiving the treatment. Jade was so encouraging the whole time, especially when I told her about my intense fear. I felt very comfortable being myself with her. She taught me techniques specific to things I am going through. She encourages you to embrace whatever you're feeling and finds joy in the fact that you can identify it, then helps you overcome it. At least that was my experience. I learned so much about myself in one weekend, it's beyond me.

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Healing Verified Review

    Jade met with my 13 year old son for a Reiki treatment. My son is feeling lighter and more in control. She was very helpful in explaining and giving he and i both exercises that we can use to get balanced. My son wants to return and do too.

Question and answer

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. As an Intuitive Energy Healer:
Clients come to me to find relief for depression, back pain, support while going through chemotherapy, and support to re-wire their subconscious minds for success, joy and health. Most people who see me have multiple health concerns as well as some emotional challenges. The work I do addresses all these problems on the energy level. I listen and hold a safe space for sharing and clients come to honor their own wisdom this way. Everyone has a deep wellspring of wisdom within and this deserves to be witnessed as part of the healing process. I feel honor to be the witness.

As a Reiki Master Teacher:

I love introducing this simple, gentle and powerful healing art to my students. It awakens the healer within them as well as activating so many gifts: intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, telepathy, etc.
Every student is a delight to work with as every comes with so many lifetimes of experience as healers.

It is amazing to facilitate my Reiki students to access their Akashic records to download their gifts as healers from so many lifetimes. This is one way to re-awaken psychic gifts, intuition, clairvoyance, etc. It's one of the most transformational aspects of teaching Reiki that I get to share with my students.

If you feel a calling or even just a nudge to take a Reiki class, please do. It'll be with you for a lifetime and it only gets stronger as you expand in consciousness. What an awesome personal development tool as well as a wonderful healing technique.

Q. Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

A. My proudest moment was getting rid of kidney cancer for a distant healing client. This is verified by her own doctor and she is still doing very well today. I have also helped a client who came in with depression get rid of her kidney stones. I think it's kinda interesting how the Mayans and the ancient Chinese cultures shared the belief that the Jade stone is good for healing the kidneys and I just happen to be named Jade. Yes, my best work so far is getting rid of kidney cancer and kidney stones.

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A. Be open and ready for change. Be ready to receive more than what you can imagine for yourself right now. Please be very kind to yourself because change requires energy and commitment.

Since everything is energy, my work can be done on many areas of your life as well as on many conditions that affect your health. All sessions are done in the spirit of co-creation.

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