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  • Sound Recording Studio

    Las Vegas, NV · Trimordial Studio Las Vegas

    Roy Rendahl runs an audio recording and mastering studio. He also provides live sound engineering, 35mm film photography, video production and editing, song creation, website design, and more.

    7 credentials · $25-50 / hour

  • Music Production & Recording

    Las Vegas, NV · Right On Beat Productions

    Right On Beat Productions is a digital recording studio that also offers digital editing and songwriting. They have provided recording services to major record labels and international corporations.

    5/5 stars 2 reviews · 7 credentials · $150 / hour

  • Music Producer & Audio Engineer

    Las Vegas, NV · Martin Motnik

    Hire music producer Martin Motnik if you are looking for one of the recording engineers who provide live mixing services. He also does audio engineering, studio recording, and more.

    4 credentials

  • Professional Recording Studio

    Las Vegas, NV · Vladik

    Vladik Miagkostoupov runs a professional music studio that is complete with preamps, mics, and D/A converters. He also has custom built-in recording booth with fiberglass and bass traps.

    3 credentials · $30-40 / hour

  • Recording Studios

    Las Vegas, NV · Evocati Recording Studios

    Take your singing prowess to the next level with Evocati Recording Studios' services. These experienced music recording specialists are mastering the art of music engineering and creation.

    3 credentials

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Audio, Video, Graphics, Web

Provided by: Trimordial Studio Las Vegas

Personalized Service from a Multi-talented Man

Every person has a talent, but not everyone gets the chance to use it wisely. Good thing for Roy Rendahl, he doesn't need to scratch the surface harder with what he has. Roy, an artist, engineer and producer, seeks to share his kaleidoscope world to his clients with Trimordial Studio Las Vegas, a multimedia hub that he owns. This studio offers a wide variety of services like music and audio recording, web design and hosting, graphic art and design, among many others.

I am smaller and more diverse than many of the companies that do what I do. I would like to think I offer more personalized service.

This jack of all trades from Minnesota has embraced the love for art since childhood, which probably explains his diverse interests and expertise. This also enabled Roy to hold several things in his hands: a paintbrush, bass guitar, sound mixer, video camera, compass, and many other things.

For instance, Roy has had several photographs and oil paintings displayed in the new local offices of Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. He also cofounded the pop music band Poppermost with Alex Oliver in 2001 (where Roy plays the electric bass guitar and serves as its creative director). Besides that, he was once a mechanical machine design engineer.

A man of many talents could go far places, but Roy knows what he truly wants: to bring out the best of all he has in the most artistic and creative way possible. The Trimordial Studio has been his heaven hole for years now, and he wants to be perceived by his clients "as a solid resource and (as) a friend."

I don't want to get big. I want it to stay on a personal level with my clients.

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