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Quoted Price

Backyard redesign and renovation

Needs planning
Type of hardscape needed
1,000-5,000 sq ft

Quoted Price

Wedding photograper

Image format
Physical proofs
Customer role

Quoted Price

Corporate event DJ

Kind of music
Top 40
Equipment provided by
Add-on services
Lighting, fog machine

Quoted Price

90 minute massage session

Type of massage
Deep tissue
Hot stone treatment

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How much will this cost me?

Creating an account is free. There’s no signup or subscription fee. You only pay when an interested customer has seen what you offer and wants to talk.

Here’s how it works: Thumbtack matches you with customers who fit your criteria (project type, travel range, etc.) and vice-versa. You pay when a new customer contacts or hires you.

How much you’re charged depends on the size of the job and your location. When you sign up, we show you what a lead costs in your area, and you tell us how many customers you want. You decide how much you’re willing to spend each week. If you land a job, then the customer pays you. Not us.

What kinds of jobs can I get?

Customers come to Thumbtack to get all kinds of projects done. From fixing a fuse to a total home remodel — pretty much anything. That means your jobs can range in size, whether you want to pick up small jobs here and there, or you’re looking for your next big job. Just tell us what you’re looking for.

Why do customers use Thumbtack?

Thumbtack shows customers the pros who are available, ready and willing to do exactly what they need. They can learn about a professional’s price, view past work, read reviews, and see if the pro they’re hiring has a background check or valid license.

What else does Thumbtack offer?

Thumbtack gives you the tools you need to understand your competition — when they win jobs and how they price. We send you weekly emails that tell you how you’re doing compared to other professionals in your area. We also work hard to only match you with leads that are right for you.

How do customers find me on Thumbtack?

When a customer needs a professional, they’ll put in their location, their project details, and their deadline. Then we show them a list of professionals that could be a good fit. If what they want matches what you want, we’ll put you on that list.

How Thumbtack works.

We show customers your business, for free.

Customers filter their search results to find pros who are a good match for their job.

Customers contact pros they like.

If the customer thinks you’re a great fit, they’ll reach out. You only pay when a lead contacts you.

Respond quickly. Get hired.

When you’re contacted, check the job details and reply quickly. It’s now up to you to win the job.

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