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Customer Stories

Amanda Mattefs
had a photoshoot

Mickey is incredibly talented, worked within our budget and gave us GREAT results for the price. He's an awesome guy, and we couldn't be happier with how our engagement photos turned out.

Mickey Strider

4 reviews

Amanda had a photoshoot

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Gurpreet Sarin
improved his voice

It was an honor learning from Sam. He is an amazing singer and teacher! I saw major improvements in my voice, breathing and vocal dynamics; connecting with songs at a level I didn't know existed.

Sam Shin

35 reviews

Gurpreet improved his voice

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Sarah Young
commissioned a mural

Gary was friendly, professional, and his work was incredible. He helped us create a design we loved within our budget. Whole Foods customers say how much the mural brightens our space!

Gary Gomez

2 reviews

Sarah commissioned
a mural

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Norris Parks
moved across town

Alphonso really came through for me. His team was on time and they were nice and polite. They set up my bed, the washer and dryer and they even changed out the washer cord. It was a real experience.

Alphonso Flowers

17 reviews

Norris moved across town

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Scott Heidegger
remodeled his kitchen

Scot and his team were top notch all the way around. They made the finished product look like a high end custom job. They were on time, on budget and were all around great people to work with.

Scot Hunter

5 reviews

Scot remodeled his kitchen

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Nancy Alt
redesigned her home

I hit the jackpot when I hired Nanette Baker to help me with the interior design. This woman is a magician. She presented me with suggestions that were thoughtful, doable and elegant.

Nanette Baker

6 reviews

Nancy redesigned her home

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Fitness Yoga

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John Monty
Organic Cleaning

Organic Breeze Cleaning Triples Business on Thumbtack

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Mona Brooks

Mona uses Thumbtack to Grow Photography Business from Home

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