Like any good host, Thumbtack focuses on the needs of our event guests. And guests don’t need branded stress balls.

Event collateral

When designing event collateral, lean into Thumbtack’s refreshing and realistic attributes. Opt for earthy, textured materials like wood, ink and matte paper. Stay away from artificial, tacky materials like foamcore or glossy vinyl.


Open, airy gallery spaces are a great canvas for bringing Thumbtack’s brand to life. Don’t rent spaces that are too dark or use colored lighting — it shouldn’t feel like a bar or club. Choose a venue that’s easy to find and navigate.


Don’t go nuts when branding the space. Instead, keep decor simple and functional, and only brand key focal points or gathering places. No cheap decor like balloons or crepe paper — this isn’t a kid’s birthday party (as fun as those can be).


Finding a restroom shouldn’t feel like a scavenger hunt. Create a simple, branded navigation system that guests can spot quickly. Feature brand colors and icons, and include the essentials like restrooms and exits.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Except the corporate branded stress ball. That’s always trash. So when it comes to swag, think quality over quantity. Pick meaningful items that add real value. Something that people will actually use.

Event don’ts

Don’t give guests unnecessary clutter to carry around.

Not everything has to be branded. Resist the urge. Guests don’t need to eat our logo.

Watch out for cheap design details like ugly carpet and loud wallpaper.

Don’t go overboard with signage or branding. This isn’t Times Square.

Putting it all together

Consider using pro portraits to highlight our pros’ accomplishments and unique stories.

Use icons like you would in product — for clear wayfinding and subtle branding.

Lighter woods like birch add brightness and warmth to event spaces.