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Targeting 101.

The best way to explain targeting is to show you
how it works. Here’s
how targeting gets you
the exact jobs you’re looking for.

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Targeting: why is it the best way to use Thumbtack?
When you set your targeting preferences, you get exactly the leads you want, fast.
And customers get matched with great pros like you, every time.


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How it works

What are targeting preferences?

You tell us what kind of jobs you want, and when and where. We use those preferences
to match you with the right customers. Here’s how it works.


A customer starts a project.


They have a job that needs to be done. They come to Thumbtack and open up a search.


You set up targeting: you tell us what kind of jobs you want, and when and where.


A customer finds the right pro.


They filter their search with job details. Then they get search results — pros to choose from.


If your targeting preferences match the job details, you should show up in their search results.


A connection is made.


They explore pro profiles and see reviews, licenses and featured projects.


When a customer reaches out to you, they’ll show up in your Direct Leads tab.

Features and tools

What features come with targeting?

We thought you’d never ask. These features help you get
the leads you want.

Business hours
Tell us when you want to work — by the day, by the hour. You’ll get leads for jobs that match those times.

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Hide your business
Going on vacation or taking a break? Don’t undo your preferences — hide your business instead.

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Travel preferences
Set your home base and how far you want to travel. You can even pick the areas where you want to work.

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How you get seen

How is your ranking in search results determined?

  • Your targeting preferences: how well they match the job request.

  • Your spending limit: whether you have money left to pay for new leads.

  • Your responsiveness: how quickly (and often) you’ve replied to past customers.

  • Your reviews and rating: whether customers say you are a great pro.

How you pay

What do you pay for, and how?

Let’s talk about money.

Set your weekly targeting budget.
Adjust your budget week by week. Never spend more than you want.

Pay automatically for exact matches.
Easily see what you're spending on your payments page.

It’s our commitment to you.

Our Thumbtack Quality Commitment is designed to give you the best chance at
winning the job.

Limited Competition
We limit customers so they can only reach out to a few pros at a time. You can even see the number of pros a customer contacts right on the lead.

Phone Number guarantee
All leads and bookings where the customer reaches out to you directly come with phone numbers. Now, you’ll always have a way to get in touch.

Instant booking protection
For most instantly booked jobs, we'll credit you the full lead price if a customer cancels. We’ll let you know immediately so you can adjust your calendar.

Hear from real pros like you.

Get started

In short: targeting helps you get
the right leads.

There’s no need to search through mismatched opportunities. When you set your
targeting preferences, you tell us what kind of jobs you want, and when and where. Then
we match you with those customers. Easy.

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