When things go wrong,
we’re here to help.

We want you to be thrilled with every pro you find and everything you get done on Thumbtack. But life is unpredictable. Pros are human. And sometimes things go wrong. So if anything happens, we’ll work to make it right.

Please read this page and our program terms and conditions closely so you understand what has to happen for you to be eligible for us to help.

Money-Back Guarantee.

Our Money-Back Guarantee covers circumstances where you hire a pro on Thumbtack and the job doesn’t get done, or it isn’t done as agreed. So if you hire a tile installer who doesn’t finish your backsplash, or the tiles fall off the next day, we can pay you back up to $1000. Be sure to notify us within 45 days.

Property Damage Guarantee.

If your Thumbtack pro was negligent and damaged your property, we can cover you up to $100,000. So if the tile installer you hired accidentally breaks a window on the way out, notify us within 14 days so we can help.

How it works.

When you first hire any pro, try to get everything in writing: your agreement, how much they’ll charge, etc. That’ll make clear what you and the pro agreed to and help us sort out what happened when you notify us. Once you notify us, we’ll help you talk to your pro to see if they can make it right. You’ll have to show that you hired the pro on Thumbtack before any work started and within 30 days of when you submitted your project request. Proof can include Thumbtack messages, emails, contracts or invoices.

What is the difference between the Money-Back Guarantee and the Property Damage Guarantee?
What is the process for reporting issues?
How long does the process take?
How do I contact Thumbtack Support?
What do I need to provide to Thumbtack?
Does this mean I don’t need my own insurance?
What isn’t covered?

Terms and Conditions

Read the full details of the Thumbtack Guarantee in the Terms and Conditions. Some important eligibility information:

  1. The Thumbtack Guarantee is limited to $1000 for the Money-Back Guarantee, and $100,000 for the Property Damage Guarantee, and it applies only to customers. This means Thumbtack will accept Guarantee requests only from the person who, using Thumbtack as a registered user, requested work and hired the professional through Thumbtack.
  2. The Property Damage Guarantee covers direct physical loss or physical damage, which doesn't include faulty installation or incomplete work.
  3. Proof of hire must include the original request on Thumbtack and the quote provided by the pro as well as any one of the following:
    1. On-platform messaging and documentation confirming you agreed to hire the pro for a project.
    2. Off-platform communications confirming you agreed to hire the pro for a project.
    3. A copy of a contract, invoice or other project document which demonstrates that you agreed to hire the pro for a project.
  4. This proof must show that you hired the pro no later than 30 days after your initial request. You must also notify us of the issue within a specific time (45 days for Money-Back Guarantee, 14 days for Property Damage Guarantee), even if you are in the process of resolving the issue directly with the pro.
  5. Losses must be incurred as a direct result of work requested on Thumbtack. This means the Thumbtack Guarantee covers damages or losses directly caused by the pro in the course of performing the work requested by the customer on Thumbtack.
  6. Thumbtack will first require customers to make a good faith attempt to resolve any issues with the pro. Most issues can be resolved amicably, and we are here to help. Before the Thumbtack Guarantee applies, we will first try to help customers resolve problems with pros directly.
  7. For the Property Damage Guarantee, some types of property damage are excluded. For example, the Guarantee doesn’t cover fine art, electronic data, or damage due to delay. Read more.
  8. If a pro takes payment and does not perform any work, the Money-Back Guarantee can cover up to $1000.