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"Thumbtack has enabled me to reach so many more people. It’s easy to navigate, communication is simple, and I’ve met longtime customers and friends through the platform."



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"Thumbtack is the tool... for me to be able to interact, connect with and people to connect with me to spread that love, to see the smiles on their faces."


Wedding Officiant

"Thumbtack changed the whole game for me because I no longer had to worry about how I was going to get my next client."


Music Instructor

"That’s when I found Thumbtack. That week I got a wedding gig. From then on, I feel like my business became profitable. Best investment of my life!"



Reviews from Thumbtack pros


"When clients go on Thumbtack, which has verified reviews, it makes them feel comfortable that they’re getting someone trustworthy."



Exposure in new areas

"I’m happy with this service and have exposure in areas I wouldn’t normally be able to network in, i.e. communities up to 30 miles away, as I defined our territory. I also love that it’s all mobile and sends me text alerts when response are needed or bids are available!"



Expand business

"I would recommend Thumbtack to any person or business looking to expand without being overwhelmed by the financial pressures of the industry."



Bulletin board

"I’ve always imagined such a thing as Thumbtack, a bulletin board where the two sides of the project could connect."



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