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Esatto Custom Footwear

Esatto Custom Footwear

Battle Ground, WA

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About Esatto Custom Footwear

Esatto crafts custom hiking boots and other styles of custom-made footwear for active people, who are held back by fit problems. Till now, if your boots gave you problems while hiking or backpacking, you either gave up or suffered. Now, you can enjoy your hiking and backpacking activities, in your custom hiking boots, to the fullest.

Our name comes from Italian, where esatto means precise or exact. Our goal is to give you shoes that fit your feet perfectly! We combine the skills and craftsmanship of old world shoe-making with modern technology, to provide you with footwear that fits precisely and comfortably. Our process enables us to make your boots for you quickly (2 months), and at a great value.

Now, with your custom hiking boots or custom backpacking boots, you can hit the trails in comfort!

Esatto today! We have built our reputation with leather and comfort, so your comfort is our priority. With many years of experience and great reputation making custom hand-made hiking boot and other custom footwear, Esatto also makes custom orthotics, custom work boots, custom winter boots, custom logger boots, custom dress shoes, and many other custom footwear.

With your custom-made footwear that are made for you only, you can enjoy your everyday activities even more!


11515 NE 177th CIR
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Question and answer

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A. Why are custom made hiking boots a good value?

The simple test of the value of custom boots is to look in your closet. If you have multiple pairs of (typically expensive) boots sitting unused in your closet because they don't fit, then custom boots are a good deal.

If you had custom boots to start, your closet would be cleaner, you'd have more money in your bank account and your feet would be happier!

Beyond the value you'll find in how well the boots fit, we use only the best materials and craft an exceptionally high quality boot. Additionally, the boots can be resoled (multiple times if the boots are well cared for), extending their life.

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A. What are the benefits of custom boots vs. ready-made hiking boots?

The majority of consumers wear shoes or boots that don't fit. Most footwear has been mass produced for the average foot. However, very few feet are average.With information we receive from our Fit Kit, the measurements, tracings and footprints provide us with enough info to make a last that will match your feet. We working on each foot individually, spending hours adding cord and leather little by little creating a model of your feet. Using these models Esatto makes boots the same shape your feet are.

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A. How can customers order custom boots?

Our fitting system and process are designed to allow you to do the foot measurements and tracings in your own home with an assistant. The process is simple and provides us with all the data we need to shape the "last" (the form on which the boots are made). If, after reviewing the data, we think more information is needed, we will contact you.

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