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Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc.

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About Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc.

Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc is a renowned drug rehab center in California which represents effective programs for drug and alcohol abuse such as transitional care, day prevention, relapse prevention, outpatient program, aftercare program, alcohol rehab program, drug rehab program etc.


32236, Paseo Adelanto Suite G
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  • 5/5 stars

    When I was young, I never really understood church religion or God but I went along with it. When I was 10, I moved in with my mom who was not religious at all. I did not continue my Christianity. My life started to slowly unravel. At that point I started drinking and smoking weed when I was 13 that eventually led to me not caring about anything besides partying and ultimately led me to drugs.
    When I first arrived at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, I had not spoken to God in at least 5 years. But even in that time that I was not exploring my Christianity, I always knew that God had a plan for me. He was just waiting for me to willing follow it. One of the staff members suggested that I try praying for God to show me a path. What I had done in the past obviously did not work. So I indulged. At first I was not noticing or feeling anything so I figured my suspicions were right. But I kept at the path. I started to notice something. Everything and everybody was pointing me in a direction. I was just too fearful to want to follow it. Then I had an epiphany. This must be the start of Gods plan for me, the pathway to stay in California and continue treatment in a sober living. I was still very fearful of leaving my friends and family behind but gave my will to God and started the long journey of following him.

    I have seen a tremendous change in myself in the aspects of willingness and determination. I am tired of failing in keeping my sobriety. I am tired of having to go through treatment. But most of all I am tired of having to restart my recovery and losing everything that I have gained. I have realized that I cannot do this on my own and who better to guide me than our Lord and Savior. I am finally ready and willing to let Him help me.
    AA and the steps do great things for alcoholics. But it is more than following a program just to keep you sober. It is bettering you as an individual and in whole having a fulfilled life. I believe that if anybody including a norm thoroughly follows the steps that it will do the same thing.

  • 5/5 stars

    Our son, feeling suicidal, checked himself into Pacific Hills Treatment Centers….My husband and I arranged this through our minister….His change was dramatic in a short time, he found God and turned his life around….He is now back with his family and in school full-time….I can’t express my gratitude enough to the staff of Pacific Hills for the help that they gave my husband, my sons and me….Without the program and God, I feel that we could have never reconciled and have the relationship that we do now.

  • 5/5 stars

    At age nineteen I found myself in an unbreakable cycle of addiction to meth. After being hospitalized to many times for malnourishment, watching them draw black blood out of my body, I knew I either had to find help quickly or die. I crawled into my father’s office and told him I was an addict and he immediately contacted Pacific Hills and took me there within a matter of a few days. At first I rejected their program and let my withdrawals get the best of me, not paying much attention to what the counselors had to say. I tried to justify that meth addiction and alcoholism were not the same. I tried to read books during meetings, or draw. Eventually I gave in. I soon realized that addiction is addiction and I didn’t expect myself to drink like a normal person ever since I left from there. I met a lot of wonderful people and attended many inspiring meetings. The church that we attended, during my time there became my church even after I finished with the program.
    I am 22 years old FREE of addiction and celebrating my first year wedding anniversary with the love of my life (who is also now FREE of addiction) .We have a beautiful 10 month old baby boy. And I would just like to thank the staff of Pacific Hills Treatment Center here for giving me the tools to overcome the strong holds of addiction. And I would like to thank God for being present at this place.

  • 5/5 stars

    Pacific Hills Treatment Center is a good place for recovery. I was there for 6 months and saw the comprehensive variety of truly individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs for everyone. This Christian drug rehab center of San Antonio also provides gender-specific treatment programs which unite effective addiction medicine and have a good experience of Twelve-Step. It changed my life totally. I thank you for giving my sober life again.

  • 5/5 stars

    "My experience at the Pacific Hills Treatment Center was life saving. The counselors and staff went above and beyond of their duties to help me in every way possible. I am forever grateful to them. They have changed my life. I have a purpose today and a choice today. I choose sobriety. Pacific Hills can make anything possible if you just believe in the process. From all the staff to the lovely environment to continually reach out to the ADDICTS in need. Thanks, Pacific Hills!”

  • 5/5 stars

    My past was very ugly. Before Pacific Hills, I would do nothing but smoke in my room every day.This place honestly helped me save my life. I was skeptical but it is most definitely what I needed. I feel that I have a strong foundation for staying clean and healthy. I can't even express how grateful I am to all the staff! Truly a great place to recover!

    Richard J. from Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc. replied to this review on November 17, 2014:

    Thanks Darien

  • 5/5 stars

    Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc.has creative programs to fit individual needs. I had not experienced this type of positive treatment in any other treatment center.I understand my responsibilities and triggers better than before. I appreciate Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc.

  • 5/5 stars

    I was here for a few months and it was a life changing experience. I was drawn to the facility because of the fact that they offer a Christian program for recovery. The program was outstanding. I needed to face the temptations of my addiction, as well as the Pacific Hills Treatment Center plan to live my life honestly. God bless the staff for giving me and my family a second chance.And it was a great environment for me to grow and acquire the tools that I needed to get and stay sober. All staff was really very helpful.

  • 2/5 stars

    (Women's Center) -Pac Hills is a wonderful program - ultimately, this place changed my life in many positive ways. The primary psychologist there is absolutely wonderful, a fact I cannot stress enough. The house is nice, the food is wonderful, I have many wonderful memories.

    However, I had a major problem with some of the head staff. One of them looked through my room despite that I never had a positive drug test; several aspects of my treatment plan were not made known to me - both of which points are clearly stated in the manual under patients rights. My case manager accused me of being a controlling, attention seeker and denied me taking my medication at times when I needed it.

    While other residents were allowed to go to their rooms if they had a migraine or other ailment, I was punished for the one instance when I had to miss group session due to a flare up I had with my pinched nerve. I was repeatedly accused of faking pain to get attention. The pastoral counselor refused to baptize me because I did not share the -exact same-beliefs as she did. (Despite converting to God during treatment)

    As a chronic pain sufferer of a unusual condition, the psychiatrist they had visit was AMAZING. By far the best one I have ever had the privilege of being a patient of. Because of him and his compassion, I am pain free today!

    Over all, I DO recommend this program - my negative aspects of my experience was based off several of my own mistakes, the staff's inability to understand and have empathy with my pain condition, and their own mistakes and judgments.

  • 5/5 stars

    My past was very ugly. I would do nothing but smoke pot in my room all day everyday. During this phase I skipped school, lost many friends, and my relationship with my family was on the verge of being obliterated. Fortunately, I found Pacific Hills Treatment Center Inc. online, which I think is an absolute miracle from God. After going through the 37 days of intensive treatment, I believe I came out a new man. In the program I have learned so many skills. Most importantly, I learned that I am not alone. Currently, I am at transitions and fighting my obstacles every single day. I’m presently in a war with my negative thoughts. I plan on readying myself for sober living and becoming stronger and happier.