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At Sleep Cadets, we are committed to helping parents create healthy sleep habits for their children.

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life, and it is never too early (or too late) to start good habits.


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  • Caitln M. Sep 3, 2014
    My 8 month twins haven't sttn since 3.5 months (they used to be amazing sleepers). They started slowly, waking once a night to nurse and then by last week, we were up to 4-6 times, every hour. They also barely napped during the day and fought the mere idea of one. My husband and I tried a few different things, but cry it out and the general idea of "sleep training" was not for us. Nothing we tried worked and we were really tired and pretty much desperate. I felt like we had tried so many different things that we were all over the place, and we needed someone to help us with a solid plan. I found out about Sleep Cadets and emailed Rebecca, who also has twins. Within minutes, she called me and told me about her program. I was wary of sleep training, but I learned that the techniques are very gentle. I remained pretty wary throughout but DH insisted that we follow through and I am very happy with the results since Rebecca helped us utilize gentle methods. Rebecca is absolutely AMAZING and held our hand throughout every step of the way. We talk to her sometimes 3 times a day to check in. We are still in the thick of the process but last night my daughter slept 11 hours straight and my son slept 10 hours with one 5 minute wakeup around 4am. It was incredible. I am so glad we finally decided to do this, as my kids were miserable and would even wake up with bloodshot eyes Rebecca has warned us that there could be pitfalls due to illness, teething, changes in schedule, but I feel that she is preparing us well for how to help the twins overcome any issues. Definitely contact her if you think you are in need of sleep help.
  • Deb C. Jul 24, 2014
    "I really can't say enough good things about Rebecca. She is so unbelievably helpful I can't thank her enough. Our 5.5 month old was sleeping in her rock and play since the day she was born. My husband and I tried numerous times and numerous objects to put her in to get her out of the rock and play but nothing seemed to work. We did not want to fully CIO and so we were at a loss. We then called Rebecca. We came up with a plan that worked for My husband and I along with working with my child's personality. Rebecca really got to know us, what we were comfortable with and created a plan that would best work for us. We did exactly what she said and within 2 nights our child was sleeping in her crib only waking up 2x to BF throughout the night. She also naps in her crib. I loved working with Rebecca because she takes everything into account when coming up with a plan. It's not scripted like some of the other methods out there. She asks all the right questions and makes sure that she is available if needed. She comes with a lot of experience and knowledge as well as is great with people. I highly recommend using Sleep Cadets if you need some help with your child's sleep habits! Thank You so much!"
  • Sonila L. Jul 12, 2014
    "My name is Soni, and I am the mother of a beautiful 7 month old boy. Rebecca is my third (and FINALLY the last) sleep trainer. So, it is safe to say that i am an expert in what to expect/get from sleep trainers out there. The first one was an overly priced Pediatrician who seemed to always be in a rush over the phone…the second one was knowledgeable, by the book and the only words of support out of her were “awwww….you can do it” Along came Rebecca, and i got a reasonably priced (I actually prefer to call the way she delivers her services, PRICELESS) sleep trainer that posses an incredible ability of providing emotional support. I have a strong background in psychology and i can attest to the fact that the ability to connect with someone beyond their presenting problem is a gift, and Rebecca posses this !!!! Sleep training is NOT easy regardless of what method you choose to use..but with the right sleep trainer the journey can be made easier. My 7 month old is on his way to a better sleep and a schedule that makes him a happier baby thanks to Rebecca!!!!" Cheers, Soni


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I work with families on creating better healthy sleep habits. This can look like co-sleeping, bed-sharing, room sharing or having your child sleep in their own bed.