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Phoenix, AZ

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My vision is to offer professional compassionate care to laboring women through labor support, education and advocacy, and my objective is for each woman I serve to have the most beautiful and amazing birth possible.

Birth should not be a frightening process; instead, this joyous life event can have the power to empower and heal a new mother. If you are an expectant family or mother aspiring to embrace a birth, which will be the gem of memories of a lifetime, please consider letting me help you achieve a wonderful and profound birth experience.

I provide a number of services, on top of labor support as a birth doula, including placenta encapsulation, Brio Birth childbirth education classes, TENS unit rental and birth tub, as well as crafting several birth-related items, including birth jewelry, advocacy wristbands honoring motherhood and childbirth, and a variety of keepsakes for this extraordinary journey.

I believe that childbirth should be an exquisite and miraculous moment, celebrating life, and I aim to assist families capture birth's beauty.


Phoenix, AZ 85042


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  • Tara B. Sep 14, 2014
    Kelly was great throughout her services. I was scared of a lot going into my potential VBAC adventure. I had a scary induction that lasted 36+ hours and resulted in a c/s with my son 2 years earlier. I never experienced labor/birth... I didn't know what to expect from it this time around... I was fearful. I had no family near me, they are all in Florida and couldn't come out here. Kelly made it seem not as scary. She had lots of helpful information and techniques to use during labor & even before labor started. She helped me understand "my body was made to do this" "I CAN do this" She was there to help in whatever way she could throughout labor and to also 'hold my leg' literally... support me physically & emotionally. My husband is pretty fearful of labor & birth [after what happened to me before with my son---it was terrifying---] and he felt a lot better not being there alone to help me through labor. I would definitely recommend her services!


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Interview more than one doula. If you're having a home birth a doula is an extremely valuable member of your birth support team. Doulas understand the emotional and physiological changes a woman undergoes in labor and are skilled in comfort measures to assist a woman in the childbirth process, and have extensive knowledge about procedures often used in labor. They don't replace a partner or care provider, instead they work with your entire team to ensure you have a positive and meaningful birth experience! ''If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.'' - - John H. Kennell, MD