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About Grime Busters Pressure Washing, LLC

Grime Busters, LLC is the south west's premier restoration contractor, serving all of Arizona's commercial and industrial markets. We also service residential properties, and we work with the real estate professionals of the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Grime Busters offers our customers environmentally safe and compliant solutions. We proudly use 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable products to restore your property.

We specialize in concrete restoration, including sidewalks, driveways, parking garage structures, parking lots, shopping centers, hospitals, medical centers, hotels, and gas stations.

Buildings and homes are professionally washed, and our specialized preparation for repaint makes us one of the painting contractors' top choices. We are approved by the Phoenix Historical Preservation Committee and are proud to be their chosen restoration contractor.


15508 W Bell Rd, Suite 101-232
Surprise, AZ 85374

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Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. We service the residential markets of the entire Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.
We also provide our commercial, industrial and parking garage structure premier restorations throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico.
We have recently been contacted by the City of New York to clean 10+ of their parking garage structures.
As our professional reputation grows, so does the demand for our outstanding services and restoration services.
Although our residential services are currently limited to the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, we have been expanding our commercial, industrial and parking garage structure specialties from coast to coast. Our professional reputation and outstanding results have lead to this expansion, due solely to the personal referrals from our current clientele. These referrals speak volumes of our consistent quality standards, excellent customer service and willingness to do whatever it takes to keep our clients satisfied.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. The Top Ten Questions to Ask a Pressure Washing Contractor:

Most licensed contractors are competent, honest, hardworking and financially responsible. However, home improvements, such as Pressure Cleaning, are a top source of consumer complaints nationwide. By asking these ten questions you will greatly reduce the chances of having a bad experience.

1. Are You Licensed?

Always make sure the company you are considering is properly licensed. Also, remember that anyone can say they are licensed, make them prove it with a copy of it, check the expiration dates, you can call the issuing authority and verify their licensing is in good standing.

Arizona has no state-wide licensing of Pressure Washing contractors. However, legitimate Pressure Washing Contractors will opt for the licensing in order to have a governing body that can vouch for their Insurance and validate their company. Grime Busters Pressure Washing, LLC provides proof of our 5 million dollar General Liability Insurance to each and every customer. We also carry 1 million in vehicle liability and 1 million in workman’s compensation coverage.

What are the risks? Generally Pressure Cleaning contractors without licenses don't have them for a reason, which is a huge red flag. Licensing requires proof of Insurance. If somebody isn't licensed there is probably a really bad reason why not.

2. Do You Carry General Liability Insurance?

Make sure the Power Washing Company you are considering carries general liability insurance. This is the insurance that protects your home from damage or negligence of the contractor, his employees or any sub-contractors he hires and brings on your property. A one million dollar policy is the standard of the industry. Grime Busters LLC is covered by a 5 million dollar general liability policy. To date, we have never had to make a claim. Also, remember that anyone can say they are insured, make them prove it with a copy of his insurance certificate, check the expiration dates, you can call the issuing authority and verify their insurance is in force.

What are the risks? If something goes wrong you have three choices, (1) to pay for the damages and repairs out of your own pocket. (2) To go after the contractor for the costs, this means suing him. Which of course is the where the real problem starts. If a contractor can't afford to carry insurance, what are the chances that he has anything to sue him for? You can get a nice judgment of $50,000 against him, but how do you collect it from a guy that does everything illegally anyhow and doesn't have anything of value? (3) You will have to ask your homeowners policy to cover it. There is no guarantee of course that they will cover the loss. Insurance companies do their best to protect themselves by having verbiage in their contract with you that might require you to only hire licensed contractors and prove the work has been properly permitted. Contractors without insurance usually don't follow many of the other rules that insurance companies usually require either.

3. Do You Carry Workers Compensation Insurance?

Make sure they carry workers compensation insurance. It protects you from liability if a worker is injured while on your property. Be aware that if the contractor doesn’t carry workers’ compensation coverage, you could be liable for any injuries suffered by the contractor or any of his employees on your property.
If the contractor is a one-man operation, he can be exempt from having to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Ask him to show you his certificate of exemption from workers’ compensation. This is very risky for you thought. If he shows up with a helper and the helper gets hurt, with no workers’ compensation insurance, you may have to pay the medical bills. If the uninsured contractor is sloppy about verifying his sub-contractors workers compensation insurance and the sub-contractor gets hurt, again you may have to pay the medical bills.

What are the risks? Basically if anyone gets hurt while working on your home or business and they aren't covered by having workers compensation insurance coverage, you could be responsible, by law, for their medical treatments, which can be as simple as a few thousand dollars for a minor injury to hundreds or thousands for a major one.
Bottom line - It is always safer to deal with a fully insured contractor.

4. Do You Guarantee Your Work?

This is one of the most forgotten questions for customers. You wouldn't buy a car without a warranty would you? Ask about the warranty and ask if it is in writing. Never accept a verbal warranty of "If something breaks, I'll fix it." A verbal warranty will be worth the paper it is printed on. Always insist on a warranty in writing. The warranty should clearly spell out what is covered and what is not.

What are the risks? It's pretty simple; with nothing in writing you have no warranty. The moment the contractor cashes your final payment you have nothing to protect you from poor workmanship or an innocent defect.

5. Do You Provide References In Writing?

A good Pressure Washing contractor will be happy to provide you with dozens of written references. One of the best ways to gauge a company’s ability is by talking to their past customers. Ask them how well the company met their promises, did they deliver on time, and most importantly would you hire them again or recommend them to others? Ask them what they like the most about working with them and what they could have improved upon.

What are the risks? Basically you are entering blindly into a relationship with someone on nothing but blind trust and hope. Most people operate in a pattern of repetition. Hopefully you got lucky and the person you hired will be one of the contractors who can do competent work.

6. Will You Provide Me With Written Lien Waivers?

Your Pressure Washing contractor should have no problem providing you with a written lien waiver at the end of the job. This is a legal document which say’s you have paid the contractor in full for the services rendered by the contract and the contractor waives his right to place a mechanics lien on your property. A good general contractor will also provide you with lien releases from any sub-contractors that do work on your project. This protects you in case the contractor doesn’t pay his sub-contractors after you have paid him in full. Without a lien release from the sub-contractors you could be liable for paying them. This amounts to you paying them twice!

What are the risks? You could end up paying for the work twice. The lien laws in Kentucky favor anyone working on your home or business and not you. A general contractor can sub-contract work to anyone they choose and not pay them for that work and that sub-contractor can hold you responsible for paying them, no matter if you paid the general contractor already or not.

7. Who Will Be In Charge Of The Job Once It Starts?

Make sure the Pressure Cleaning contractor himself or one of the high-level foreman/lead cleaners is on the job daily whenever work is being performed – especially when sub-contractors are being used. The responsible party must be intimately familiar with all aspects of your project. Remember, if you won’t be available during the cleaning, you will be leaving your home or business in the hands of the contractor. You must feel comfortable. You can’t be worried about what is going on when you are not home.

What are the risks? The risks are many and varied, basically you are hiring the Power Washing contractor who you have met and has established a level of trust with you. However, many contractors are nothing but salesmen, acquiring the job and selling it to someone else to complete. Will it be someone who you have never met and have no control over choosing to do the work? Even if the contractor keeps the work in house, who is going to show up every day? Will it be the contractor or his foreman with years of experience, or will it be unskilled and unsupervised workers?

8. What Professional Organizations Are You A Member Of?

Well established Pressure Cleaning companies are affiliated with professional organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and industry related organizations such as the UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Cleaning Contractors), in all cases, these organizations only attract conscientious contractors interested in bettering the industry and in weeding out unprofessional contractors. In order to become a member, the contractor’s background and references are thoroughly investigated. While a new contractor may not be a member of any professional organizations, it is highly unlikely an established contractor would not be a member of at least one, unless there is a reason that he cannot join.

What are the risks? While the risks may be minor, there are contractors that just don't belong to any professional organizations, they are the rare exception and the vast majority of substantial companies do belong, because they understand the benefits of continuing education and peer review.

9. Ask Questions About How They Work

I can't stress how important this information can be to you. Ask questions such as how do they perform their work, what time do they start, how will they protect your landscape, how will the trash and debris be handled, do they work straight through a project? The answers to these questions will give you a clear picture of what type of contractor you are dealing with.

What are the risks? Maybe none or maybe you are in for a big surprise once work starts and you find yourself in a mess. Do yourself a favor and ask some specific questions so you can make an informed decision before you find it too late.

10. How many projects like mine have you completed in the last year?

Your Pressure Washing contractor should have experience in the type of cleaning project you want done - not just "cleaning experience". The more experience a Power Washing contractor has and the more he specializes in the work you need done, the better off you will be. Many Pressure Washing contractors dabble in anything that comes their way and never develop expertise in what they are doing.

What are the risks? They could be huge and long-lasting. What can be a routine task for a company that is familiar with the work required in your project, can be a real problem for one not familiar with it. This can lead to damages that don't show themselves until long after the work is done and sub-par quality. Everything is getting more and more complex in the world we live in. Don't put yourself in the position of hiring somebody and paying them while they learn on the job.

"The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory"

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Grime Busters, LLC is a full service property restoration contractor. Unlike the many "splash and dash" individuals that claim to do pressure washing, our trained professionals restore each and every property and treat your properties as if they were their very own.
Grime Busters proudly uses only environmentally friendly solutions to restore your property.
We proudly offer you are 100% satisfaction guarantee. Grime Busters, Arizona's premier restoration specialists.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. I personally take pride in the work our professional employees provide each and everyone of our customers.

I personally perform the initial project survey, meet with the property owner or property manager, discuss their needs and the options we can offer.

Each and every project is supervised and a follow-up quality control inspection is performed withing 24 hours of the completion our our scope of work.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. What makes Grime Busters service different ?

Grime Busters specializes in professional property restorations. Our technicians are fully trained and have a minimum 5 years of professional pressure washing experience. Our employees are the key to our success and reputation. We pride ourselves of the outcome of each and every project we undertake.

Unlike so many "all in one" maintenance companies who offer landscaping, janitorial and pressure washing, Grime Buster's technicians only specialize in pressure washing restorations. We have witnessed the irreversible damages done by employees of these other companies by untrained, minimum wage earning workers, who many times will spend their day shift pushing a lawnmower, then asked to work a second shift pressure washing.
The equipment these companies use are consumer grade units usually purchased at a home improvement or big box store for several hundred dollars.

Grime Busters professional grade commercial pressure washing units are the best money can buy, providing hot water up to 250 degrees or pure steam at pressures up to 4000 PSI.

"The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory"

Call us today for a free, no obligation site survey and demonstration of the Grime Busters difference. Simply the best.

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

A. Grime Busters prides itself on our customer service. We provide each and every customer with before, during and after photographs and videos of each project we perform.

We are proud of the work we do and are delighted with the clientele we have services and restored their confidence in the pressure washing industry over the years.

Grime Busters is Arizona's premier property restoration specialists.

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