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I focus on your competition, but also your Brand. I like helping companies develop and create new success!


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      What is Branding? We often hear branding but do we really know what a brand is? A Brand is a something that identifies a good or service of a seller or group of sellers that makes the seller different from the others. This can be a sign, name, symbol, term or design or the combination of all. In business, there are a lot of competitions. This gives the companies ideas for immeasurable options to find a technique on how to capture customer’s attention emotionally on a fixed basis that will last a lifetime. Branding is doing something for your prospects to lay eyes on you as the sole solution to their problem or needs. When you’re branded, people tend to trust you; people want to be associated with you because of your prestige; and people fall in love with brands. The success of a company is affected on how the brand of a product or services is seen or interpreted by the customers. When should Branding be done? Branding is the first thing to keep in mind if you want to be successful. Do it for a: * new company * new product * name change * refreshing identity What is Brand Identity? Brand Identity is a visible essential feature of a brand. This may be a logotype, colors, symbol and/or design that when put together it will identify and differentiate the brand in the mind of the consumers. It is something that can be recognized by your 5 senses. Brand Identity nourishes awareness, strengthens distinction, and creates a wide comprehension and significance susceptible. If you have a powerful brand identity, this alone can bring the company ahead of your competitors. But most of the time, to establish a strong brand, it will take time, money and effort before you achieve your dream stage. It’s not that easy to start by yourself. But Creative Caldron Dezign is here to help you to be identified by your customers for a lifetime instead of them choosing your competitor.
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