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Los Angeles Chauffeur is a professional chauffeur company that offers customers with a completely certified and insured chauffeur. We provide authentic customer service. We make a difference in the lives of those whom we touch each day, that is our definition of authentic customer service. Los Angeles Chauffeur will send a fully insured chauffeur at your location and will become your personal chauffeur/ mobile concierge. Our chauffeur will arrive at the pick up point, will get in to your car and will be your chauffeur for the rest of the day, evening or event. Our services are unique, low priced and satisfaction is guaranteed. Our main goal is to provide you with authentic customer service. We only select safe, qualified and honest individuals by screening driving records, criminal court records, workers' compensation records, reference verification, identity verification, and more. We utilize the Employer Pull Notice Program as a way of promoting driver safety via the continuous review of driver records.


Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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    Coverage Area for Los Angeles Chauffeur is about 40+ miles of Beverly Hills, CA.