Brian Carleton

Brentwood, CA

About this pro

So thankful to have been working in the field of art since 1979; from theater to statue restoration and SoHo gallery connections.

I am always seeking exciting new projects.

It could entail several disciplines pertaining to art; from painting to music videos and anything in between.

BFA, 1992
MFA, 1994
As a new resident of Brentwood I'm currently displaying 4 of my largest paintings at the new Brentwood Community Center.
These large scale abstracts are based on an intriguing concept founded in the 1950's called the Noosphere.
The entire series is entitled "News From the Noosphere".

Past Activities;
1980's Commission artist for clients throughout the mid-west.
1986-9 Showed in New York City's Ward-Nasse Gallery.
1990's Taught at Pacific Art League and several after-school programs.
Went to Italy where he learned about mosaics and completed a series based on 1500 year old Byzantine iconography.
1994 MFA from University of Cincinnati.
1996-2002 John Arrillaga collection restoration of Benny Bufano. (+250 pieces)
2002 One of 5000+ entries for World Trade Site Memorial Competition.
2004 Worked for Conrad Schmitt Studio on restoration project at Philadelphia City Hall.

2005 Was offered a "highlighter" position w/ Thomas Kinkade.
Present-Also works in video media and has own You Tube Channel.


Brentwood, CA 94513


What types of customers have you worked with?
My clients are from all walks of life. Brian has a solid experience working in the field of art since 1979. He started commission paintings in rural Kentucky. Since then, he stepped up to the challenge of finding commissions, painting the actual work and presenting the work for payment. There was this old mill in rural Kentucky and by the time I received this commission, it had fallen down and vanished. I painted it from visiting the site and the people in the surrounding area. At the time, I was a fairly young man of 28 and the only people who remembered that mill were in there 60s, at least. The couple who commissioned me to paint it drove me from house to house where I could sit and chat with the people who could describe it in detail. Brian understands the importance of having your visions come to life in a painting. He cares as much about the project as his clients and does what it takes to exceed expectations. Believe in the ability of art to soothe and administer to the soul. Brian can give the painting that you want.