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We immerse ourselves in your boat bottom's cleaning concerns. Below The Waterline Diving Service is equipped with the best divers, professional equipment and an unmatched experience of 25 years in the underwater maintenance business. Our clients pick us because they are aware of our knowledge in serving a wide array of boats in Marina Del Rey.

We provide end-to-end solutions for customers in Marina Del Rey, including hull installations, quality control and cleaning. When we carry out an underwater boat cleaning job, we check and re-check our own performance to provide you top-notch results. Giving our customers their money’s worth is a belief that drives our business.

In addition, we are completely insured and a proud California Professional Divers Association member. The company and all our divers are certified and trained with this organization. Our clients are the direct beneficiaries of this edge that we have gained over the last two and a half decades of service.

Even as we go out of our way to use advanced methods for boat bottom cleaning, we never lose focus of our obligation towards the environment. So, our rigorously implemented top management practices benefit both your vessel and the environment.

Below The Waterline Diving Service is your one-stop solution specialists for several services, including, but are not limited to, corrosion consulting, hull cleaning, bow and stern thruster hydro blasting, propeller pulling, search and recovery, mechanical work, surveys, and underwater photography.

We welcome you on board with the finest in the boat cleaning service business for 25 years!


Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


What types of customers have you worked with?
id you know that by regularly investing a small amount in hull cleaning, you stand to save over 40% of fuel costs? Moreover, habitually cleaning the bottom of your boat helps heighten the performance of your vessel. In effect, boat hull cleaning is a process that pays for itself because you not only save on fuel, but also on other anti-corrosion precautions such as zinc anode monitoring and installation. Boat hull cleaning in Marina Del Rey is a task best left to the experts and that’s precisely where we, at Below the Waterline Dive Services come into the picture. The warm climate encourages the proliferation of marine growth on your boat’s bottom. Professionally cleaning the hull of these micro-organisms ensures that your hull paint is able to last its entire life cycle. Our divers inspect your boat as they clean. Divers are trained in corrosion control and problem recognition and a diver report is forwarded to management and you are informed accordingly. Our divers specialize in dealing with tricky underwater hull cleaning situations including dirty water and marine pollutants like oily bilge water among other things. They battle everyday risks such as ear and throat infection caused by polluted water. Divers are a hardy bunch and only a few choose bottom cleaning in Marina Del Rey as full time employment. We advise against customers opting to perform underwater maintenance themselves—it’s not only a frustrating experience, but also leads to poor quality work. Having Below the Waterline Dive Services in Marina Del Rey perform your underwater boat hull cleaning is the best solution to put your mind at ease. We use only the best and most gentle products to clean your hull so that your expensive paint coat is not adversely affected. When you choose Below the Waterline Dive Service in Marina Del Rey, you bargain for much more. You get knowledge, professional service and peace of mind.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Your boat in Marina Del Rey is a perfect feeding and breeding ground for organisms such as the tube worm, which are small coral-like strands that grow on unpainted areas of your boat, or areas that have weak anti-fouling paint. The worms rapid growth and colonization can seriously affect the performance of your vessel, especially during the summer months. The winter months will bring very dirty rainwater into the marina that affects the look of your vessel, but worse still, this run off has a high nitrogen content, from agriculture use, and fertilizes the algae, allowing it to bloom out of control. This wide spread growth will attach to your waterline and exposed trailing edge area of your boat, making your boat look unsightly. We are often asked, "why has my boat not been cleaned this month" during the winter months, when in fact it has. The algae, after cleaning, will grow back in days. If your vessel is not cleaned on a regular basis, you will use a considerable amount of extra fuel (20 - 25% tests show, increasing the longer your boat is left uncleaned) getting to your destination, overheat engines due to lack of water flow into cooling systems. And possibly not have adequate safe control of your vessel.