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Good Business Advice Consulting Services -- We have served hundreds of clients ranging from departments within corporate, government, healthcare or higher-ed organizations to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers with under 100 employees to hundreds of one-person businesses including, but not limited to, Accountants, Acupuncturists, Archivists, Artists, Body Workers, Bookkeepers, Consultants, Dancers, Doctors, Editors, Financial Planners, Floor Finishers, Historians, Lawyers, Martial Arts Instructors, Musicians, Painters, Plumbers, Photographers, Publishers, Stock Brokers, Teachers, and Writers. Online Biz Consulting -- We have identified the tools needed to hold online consulting sessions for individuals and entrepreneurial teams. Our approach to online consulting is based on the same methods we and our associates have pioneered with hundreds of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in regular face-to-face consultations. Online Learning for Enterprise Builders -- If you're looking for a learning experience that is more effective than reading a book but takes less time than going to an evening class, you may want to enroll in one of the forthcoming online programs for entrepreneurs, based on our unique values-based approach to business. Receive the study materials by mail or online, with optional online discussion groups. Proceed at your own pace. Enroll for the entire program at once or each of eight courses sequentially. Couples In Business: Planning To Stay Together™ -- The Mom and Pop shop and the SOHO (small office/home office) are thriving as more couples than ever before are finding ways to work together. Such couple-owned businesses have their share of rewards--and challenges--as we ( co-founders Gail Terry Grimes and Claude Whitmyer) well know. To help others meet the challenges and make the most of the rewards, we have created a 3-day planning retreat for couples in business together, or who would like to be. We call it "Planning to Stay Together." Running a Good Business The Ebook Series Available at Smashwords.Com [ ]
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1. Know your budget. (What's it worth to you to solve the issue?) 2. Know your prospective consultant. (Look up on Google. Visit website. Meet on phone for brief chat.) 3. Look for a track record. (How long in business? What kind of clients? Any like me? What about references or testimonials?) 4. Be willing to educate the consultant you pick. (Build in a brief discovery period so the consultant can learn what s/he needs to know to help you.) 5. Always start with your financials. (They are the map of your reality. If you don't have them, ask the consultant to help you generate them. If you do have them share with the consultant at the first meeting.) 6. Ask for a work plan with milestones (and deliverables if appropriate) before agreeing to the payment schedule. (It will help you see what you can plan on getting for the money you spend. Any consultant worth their salt will be happy to oblige. If not, that's not the right consultant to pick.) 8. What does the consultant think you should pay? (It's not so much about hourly rate and/or number of hours, but more about how you would feel either way when it comes time to pay the bills. Does it feel too expensive? Ask the consultant what they can do for what you can afford? Does it seem to cheap? Refer back to the work plan. If it seems like a lot of work for little money, you may want to look at a competitive proposal.) 8. Get it all in writing. (A contract isn't for forcing anybody to do anything. It's for remembering later what you actually agreed to in the beginning. It helps minimize the chance of trouble over different interpretations and memories.)