Raymond Falcon

About this pro

I try and take a more casual approach to my tutoring. I am serious about helping you; however, I also know that being too stringent will only add to stress and more difficulty in learning. I am also a very patient person. It will not bother me if my client wants to go over the same type of problem a few more times to strengthen their memory of it. I have seen what it is like when a tutor doesn't reinforce what a student wants to see, or when a tutor rushes through a problem. I can say with certainty I will not do either of the aforementioned problems. My only objective as a tutor is to help my client with their learning and education in the subject of Mathematics. I like the fact that I am helping my client get a better understanding of the math they are working on. I do not feel satisfied with my job until I see my client has improved in his or her performance, and he or she becomes more confident in their knowledge and work. I also like taking the time to get to know my clients a little bit, when not working, and learn more about them. The reason is because I feel like I gain a better perspective of what it will take to help my client achieve his or her greatest potential. One more reason I like my job is because I can go around and explore different parts of the city where I will meet my client.


Seaside, CA 93955
Coverage Area for Raymond Falcon is about 8+ miles of Seaside, CA.