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1. Our main focus is building websites that "CONVERT". Most web design companies will simply sell you anything that you want, but we take it a step further by working with you to find out exactly what is going to turn potential visitors into potential leads. 2. We have a process that everyone follows, including our clients. It lends the ability to have great communication, transparency and efficiency. Our projects are always finished on time. 3. Pixel Me Pink, it's owners and it's entire team are passionate about the work that they do. Having a mission statement and creating goals to fulfill that mission are a large part of our culture.


Austin, TX 78701

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    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      We have written a blog post on our website that explains in full detail the different steps you should take when searching for a provider of services like Web Design, Graphic Design and Internet Marketing. Included is the web address to the first post in that series, but we will also put a few comments here from the blog. 1. Find out what "TYPE" of provider is best for you. 2. Get to "KNOW" your provider... 3. Work with someone who specializes in what you need. There are also a list of 10 questions that you should ask when looking for a provider. They are part of a blog post we have written on this topic with descriptions and explanations, but we will include them here as well. 1. What is your process like? 2. When and why did you start doing web design/internet marketing? What is your (or your company’s) mission or goals? 3. Can I speak with some of your clients or see real reviews? What kind of results can I expect and what have you done for past clients? 4. What kind of help and support can I expect to receive from you guys once my project is done? 5. Can I make updates on my own website when it is complete? 6. How do you take payment? Do I do a deposit and then pay the other half when I am happy or do I pay everything up front? Do you require a contract to be signed? 7. How can I be sure that you can provide me with what I need? 8. How will I know that my website will work in all the current browsers in their recent versions (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)? How will I know that my website is coded properly not only for usability but for SEO purposes? 9. How long will it take to complete my project? 10. What are your rates? How much will this cost? How do you come up with your prices?
    Coverage Area for Pixel Me Pink is about 150+ miles of Austin, TX.