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After 25 years of owner/operator success, I have developed certain skills unique to stone restoration. Among them is that we have a DUSTLESS way of grinding floors that doesn't make a mess of the whole house or building. We are sensitive to our customers needs and don't force our opinions onto them. Our repairs of chips and cracks is unsurpassed in the industry, and we provide both instructions and materials for the customer to maintain their floors and counter tops with a minimum of effort or expenditure. Our Magic Al products are all manufactured to the highest standards and are all designed to be used on or near polished natural stone, without damaging it in any way (no acid based cleaners). I like the look on our customers faces when they see the final look of their floors, walls, fireplaces, and/or counter tops. The expression "I can't believe how beautiful you made it look" is a familiar one and brings a strong sense of the pride we put into our work. Satisfied customers are the biggest reward. And since we are in business so long, it is delightful when they refer us and when, after so many years, they call us back to do other work. Since we are not janitors, our work lasts for a very long time, especially if our customers follow the instructions we give them to maintain the restored surfaces.


Van Nuys, CA 91406

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