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About Showcase Quality Cleaning Service

We are Showcase Quality Cleaning Service, and it really is all about you.

We are a small business rooted in honor and integrity. We take great pride in exceptional performance and work with a sense of urgency. We operate everyday from these core beliefs because that is how we were raised.

We handle residential, foreclosures, construction cleanup, commercial, move-outs, organization, packing and unpacking, event, or party clean up. Check out our services, pricing, and FAQs.

We are not the typical in-and-out housecleaner. Showcase Quality Cleaning Service values extraordinary customer service, and we demand it wherever we go.

We work hard to maintain our stellar reputation, and we refuse to sacrifice quality. We are not the right fit for you if you are seeking cheap performance and low-quality housekeeping services.

We guarantee to exceed your expectations. Satisfaction is guaranteed!


Henderson, CO 80640

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Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. The most common jobs are cleaning 2000-5000 SF residential homes.

Hardwood and granite counter tops are prevalent in many homes. Almost all homes have pets who eagerly greet us!

Organization is a common value added service: closets, cabinets, offices, bedrooms, and garages to name a few.

Many of our customers have special requests or leave lists for us. Some of the special requests minimally add to the cost, other requests are included in the price.

Although many jobs are similar in nature, every home and customer is very unique. Everyone has different needs which is why we specialize in 'custom cleaning services.'

Q. Describe three recent jobs you've completed.

A. We've cleaned homes and businesses ranging from 700 square feet [SF] to 25,000 SF.

+ a luxury home in Bow Mar, 10,000+ square feet

+ a luxury home in Bow Mar, 7,500 square feet

+ Remax business offices, Brighton

+ New Media business offices, Denver

+ Karl Schmidt & Associates, Commerce City

+ Multiple homes, townhomes, condos and apartments in Arvada, Westminster, Henderson, Golden, Denver, Thornton, Northglenn, Lakewood, Centennial and all surrounding communities.

We also manage small estates: preparing household items for an estate/garage sale, haul unwanted items, cleaning the home to sell on the market.

We've organized many homes: garages, closets, pantries, basements, filing out of control paperwork, etc.

No job is too BIG or too small! It is ALL ABOUT YOU and what you need!

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Do your research! Ask questions! Check out referrals! Review the ads! Do they appeal to you... or repel you? Always trust your gut!

Cheap isn't better any more than expensive means top quality!

You have every right to ask any question that will ensure you and your family's safety and security. Its important to ask the right questions that ensure that you get the quality that you deserve!

I clean for customers I have never met. They leave the key or garage code and a check on the counter. Because of my long list of satisfied referrals, new customers feel comfortable that I will perform to the level promised.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. Ask for references because due diligence is so critical to your satisfaction.

Some house cleaners are quick and cheap. You need to ask the questions that will produce the results you seek. What products are used, what will they clean, how will they clean, how long will it take? Do they offer a guarantee. If so, what is it? What is the price? What payment methods are accepted?

Ask them to define 'customer service.' If it doesn't resonate with your definition and expectations, then continue your quest for the perfect house cleaning service provider.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. If I were hiring someone to come into my home, I would ask the following questions:

1) Do you mind pets?

2) Do you vacuum pet hair off furniture?

3) What is your availability?

4) If I hire you on a consistent schedule, do you offer a discount?

5) Do you have references?

6) What do you charge and what form of payment do you accept?

7) Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

8) Is the same person coming to my home every time?

9) What kinds of products do you use? If you have specialty surfaces and you want your products used, please voice your needs!

10) If you have special needs, other requests or additional questions, do not hesitate to bring them up! It is ALL about you. Its your home and your money! You deserve the BEST and you should expect it!

There is a difference between house keeping and house cleaning. You can often save money if the home is picked up before the house cleaner arrives.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. 1) Define what type of cleaning you desire: surface or deep clean.

2) What area of town or city do you live?

3) How many sets of blinds do you have?

4) Are your appliances stainless steel or standard?

5) What is the composite of your floors: hardwood, tile, linoleum, carpet, slate or mix?

6) When is the last time your home was cleaned?

7) Is your home organized or cluttered?

8) When are seeking a house cleaner?

9) What is your intention of cleaning frequency: weekly, bi-weekly/monthly, monthly, etc.

10) You should be able to expect that 99% of the time, someone can accurately quote you over the phone without an on site visit.

Most people feel that on site quotes lead to high sales pressure tactics, which is why we quote over the phone or through email. We are happy to come to your home if you prefer it-- but we leave it up to you.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. We are familiar with the anxiety and aggravation of hiring people to clean our homes.

We worked in Corporate America, and working all day, after hours and/or weekends-- left little time for domestic responsibility.

Hiring someone to clean made sense. Even though we always hoped for the best, we were always disappointed with the results.

I know there is a market for exceptional house cleaners because I couldn't find anyone that did the job to my satisfaction!

It takes time to do the job right and we want you to call us back! That's why we are thorough to a fault and extremely efficient.

We take immense pride in delivering first class house cleaning quality and in providing premier house keeping services! We guarantee your satisfaction -- EVERY SINGLE TIME--not just the first time!!

We are an EXTRAordinary house cleaning company! Not the A-typical, in and out house keeping service you may have previously experienced.

We want you to feel comfortable with us. Our customers will attest to our integrity, discretion, protection of privacy, and quality of service.

As well, your security and privacy are of utmost importance to us; we protect it as fiercely as our own!

We are more than happy to provide customer names and email addresses so you can check our references. I've already gained their approval in providing their information to you.

We treat you, your home, your family, friends. and pets as part of our own family – with COMPLETE CARE, LOVE and RESPECT!

You have my word!

Kelly DiOrio

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. The quality of my CUSTOMERS! I am as selective about my clients... as my clients are about choosing the perfect service provider!

There are all kinds of customers and all levels of house cleaning service providers. We both seek out the 'exceptional' because that is what we feel we deserve!

Quality services can be difficult to find. We work hard to build mutual trust, respect and appreciation. I love what I do, I value my reputation and I work diligently to ensure a long lasting relationship.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?


Baseboards are vacuumed on a deep clean. If they need to be wiped, oiled or scrubbed, it may add to the cost.


We will vacuum or dust plantation blinds on a deep clean. If you require blinds to be washed, additional cost of $7/set of blinds is incurred. We do not clean mini-blinds.


On a deep clean: outside cabinets, hutches, above door frames; and other all interior doors are spot cleaned. Typically, we do not clean inside or enclosed areas./closets unless requested.


We have no expertise in carpet cleaning, please hire a professional carpet cleaner.


Most kid rooms are ‘filled’ with their most prized possessions. That also means they are usually disorganized due to their age and inexperience. If you want their bedroom floors vacuumed, furniture dusted, beds made, please organize or remove items from these areas. If you prefer, we can do that and/or organize it, but it can add to the cost of cleaning.


Kelly DiOrio, Perfectionist
Henderson, CO.


We don't hire people from ads. We have either worked together in the past or have come together as a result of family, trusted friend referrals or other networking.


If your desk is covered in paperwork, we will not move it. We assume there is a reason for its condition and that you know exactly where everything is. We do not want to disturb it... unless requested.


I will do your dishes, empty and/or load dishwasher if requested. It may add time and cost.


I have ZERO TOLERANCE for illegal drugs. If this is you, PLEASE CALL SOMEONE ELSE!


I will clean your electronics. If you have a special process or cleaner, please let us know. LCD screens are cleaned with clean barely damp rag, then wiped dry.


Of course all furniture is dusted. If you have cribs or kitchen/dining room chairs that need scrubbed to remove caked on food/milk etc, it may add to the cost. We use Murphy’s Oil Soap and sometimes Pledge--it depends on if the furniture needs cleaned or just dusted.

If your furniture needs oiled, it may add to the cost.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you’re not happy, we aren't either! WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT! If it takes less time than I quote you, you pay less. If it takes more time than I quote you, you WILL NOT PAY MORE! However, I do reserve the right to negotiate the price on successive cleanings.


I use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner; if you prefer another cleaner, please provide it.


Best effort cleaning on bathrooms and faucets if you have hard water. If you have hard water cleaner, please provide it.


It depends on what you need and the size of your home. Please see the PRICING page for details or call Kelly.


Emailed upon request.


We will do your laundry if requested. It will add to the time/cost


No problem! No judging! But this could double the cost of cleaning, in our experience. If you need organization assistance, please let me

We have organized many pantries, kitchens, closets, kid rooms, garages, laundry rooms, storage rooms, etc! No job is too small or BIG!


During a deep clean, if we can easily move the furniture, we will! Otherwise we will clean
around it or under it as best we can.


Our specialty! We are expert organizers and
love doing it!

We have organized many pantries, kitchens, closets, kid rooms, garages, laundry rooms, storage rooms, etc! No job is too small or BIG!

Call for pricing!


$25 for non self cleaning ovens. Best effort on seriously caked/baked/grimed ovens and vent hoods.

If you have scheduled an appointment for a deep clean, and you have a self cleaning oven [self clean is free], please turn it on the night before our arrival otherwise the oven will not be cleaned.


Paypal [credit cards accepted 3 days in advance of cleaning to ensure clearance of funds].

Checks: local bank [for repeat customers]

Cash: always preferred, and required on first time customer visits.


We will vacuum/wipe pet hair off furniture.


We will clean the inside of refrigerators if asked; additional $25. If there are a lot of items on the top of refrigerator, please remove them if you want it cleaned.

If the doors are super cluttered with paper, pictures and magnets, please remove them if you want the exterior cleaned.


Our customers are extremely important to us!
We have built an awesome base of select clients who are just like us: trustworthy, quality oriented, dependable and sincere. They deserve the best and so do we!

My schedule is consistently full 6-8 weeks in advance because of our reputation for quality, integrity, sincerity and dependability.

We are extremely creative and have amazing clients who are often flexible with their schedules.

We are confident that we can accommodate your needs on short notice!


No problem! Please contact me before your cleaning so we can accommodate your needs! There may be additional charges; or it may be less– i.e. if you want specific areas not cleaned.


Of course we will clean them. We use and recommend ‘Stainless Steel Magic.’


If you want your window cleaned, $5/window.

If you want window tracks cleaned [best effort], $5/track.

We will clean the inside/outside of patio doors and glass front entry doors on a deep clean.


Private residence, condos, apartments, townhouse, move-in, move-out, spring/fall/holiday clean, evictions, vacant property, new construction, organizing and whatever else you can think of!


Availability: 24/7 [except holidays].

FREQUENCY: you decide—one time, some of
the time… or all the time!


See our Services page of the website.

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. I have many favorite stories!

Amy H., H.S. Teacher

“I just got home and it looks fabulous! I know it was a big job! I’m so amazed… I definitely want you to come back every other Monday!

I like your idea of tacking on a few organizational things since I have no time to do them! It looks so good and today you were a life saver as far as I am concerned.

Thank you! You have no idea how grateful I am! I’m lucky to have found you!”

UPDATE: "First, let me say thank you for coming today especially in the snow.

I have been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle for some reason! And the things you took liberty to pick up for me namely the bath I just want you to know means a lot to my well being and self esteem.

I may have teared up a bit when I saw my beautiful home today. The amount of stess you take out of my life is surprising! There isn't more than I can say than thank you. You make a big impact on my life! Thank you so much."

Konstance, Daycare Provider

"Perfect as always!"

Jamar H., Hotel Auditor

“OH you did a fantastic job! You are the best! I wish I could schedule you on a regular basis but my work/ flight schedule are chaos! But every time I contact you; you are very creative in working me in at my convenience! Thank you!!

Jennifer C., Transportation Specialist

“House looks awesome and the refrigerator looks amazing! PLEASE come back on the 25th! We get home from vacation on the 26th and are looking forward to a clean house!

Emily J., Nurse

“Thank you so much! You’ve gone above and beyond what I expected! See you next month!”

Austin C., Architect

“You did a great job cleaning!”

Danny S.

“Great seeing you today! You always do such fabulous work!”

Phil C., Contractor

The move-out looked awesome! No small task considering all the wallpaper glue in the shower, sinks and floor! I'll call you again!

Autumn, Retail Manager

“Kelly, we are not going to be needing your services for the present time. I’m so sorry, but we have decided to try and cut back on some expenses. We will definitely keep you in mind for the future! I would be happy to be a reference for you!”

Elana N., Music Professional

“Kelly is that rare kind of house cleaner who is actually very transformative.

More than simply someone who cleans, she is a super-efficient household organizer who has the capacity to change lives.

She is extremely hard-working, thorough, pleasant, discreet, and punctual as well as impeccably trustworthy, intelligent, and takes great pride in her work.

What more could one want? Kelly is worth every penny she charges! I’d be more than happy to recommend her to anyone and everyone.”

Randy, Retired

“It is I that should thank you for responding so quickly and doing such a marvelous job! I can get on the market several days faster. If anyone should ask, I will certainly recommend you.”

Jason, Attorney

“Oh my God, is this MY house?”

Paul G., Hauling/Recycling Business

“Exceeding my expectations is an understatement! No one can do that!”

Mike D., Telecom Engineer

“My sister and her daughter couldn’t find one thing [in my house] to complain about on their visit! Awesome!”

Maureen P., Corporate Professional

“Quick note so say thank you for the outstanding job you did at my home again today. I really appreciate it and its so nice to have found someone that takes such pride in their work, love your business card!”

Patti, Banking Industry

“Moving to Dallas and all the packing and deep cleaning is just too overwhelming! Thanks for removing that stress! Now I need you to come back to keep the place spruced up until I can sell my home!”

Olivilia, Industrial Designer

“Thanks Kelly! My [new clean office] is amazing…and sleeping in my clean bedroom was amazing too! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!”

Sharlene F., Entrepreneur

"House looks GREAT!"

Troy H., Property Manager

I didn't check the move-out but I trust you since you clean my home every week. And I didn't hear any complaints from the people that moved in!

Kellie M.

"I am so fortunate to have found you! You do an amazing job!

Claudia G., Legal Professional

“With two working adults and school at nights, our house had become a disaster zone. I called [Kelly] and OMG the day she came in… I walked in that evening– to shock.

Her work is above reproach, the quality is unmatched! I could not believe my eyes, there were tears!

I had been stressing about no time to clean for my parent’s visit but she took all the stress of it and handled it amazingly.

She did things way, WAY above my expectations! I have recommended her to all my co-workers and friends!! I promptly walked in and became a bi-weekly customer, Kelly, YOU ARE A GOD-SENT!!”

Janelle P., Education Industry

"Everything looked great! Thanks for all that you do. I appreciate you changing the sheets on our bed. Is there anything you would like for us to do differently before you arrive?"

Jim M., Retired Automotive Professional

“My house hasn’t been cleaned since my wife passed away 4 years ago. My wife would have hired you and she was damn particular!”

Nick C., Contractor

“If the President of the United States entered my home today, he would hire you!”

Mary V., Health Care Professional

“I’ve enjoyed coming home from work the last 2 days to a super clean home; please come back next week?”

Renee B., Logistics Professional

Ten years and I have NOTHING negative to say! You’re an excellent worker who ALWAYS provides the highest level of quality and integrity!

Karen F., Home Health Care Nurse

“Prompt, reliable and pays attention to detail. Flexible with my sometimes chaotic schedule, I freely recommend Kelly to clean your home!”

Kim B., Real Estate Broker

“It is so nice to finally find a good, reliable house cleaner that does such a great job!!”

Mike C., Entrepreneur

“I’m surprising my wife who is out town. Outstanding job! She will definitely be shocked, and probably cry!”

Pat L., Corporate Professional

“I couldn’t wait to get home from work because I knew you were coming today!’

Erica H., Real Estate Business Owner

“What a relief to come home from my business trip… sparkling clean home, beds made, and all laundry for my family of 4 completed! See you next week!”

Kelley S., Energy Professional

“Thank YOU for getting my $1,100 deposit back!”

Ron C., Real Estate Broker

“I’m a bachelor and my home hasn’t been cleaned in 10 years, I thought that would scare you off. Amazing job! It hasn’t been this clean since I moved in! See you next time!”

Stephanie R., Services Industry

“I’m an ex-house cleaner. Loved your ad—well written! If you can exceed my expectations, there’s more business for you!

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

A. Many people think that house keepers are uneducated, unable to find other work, or lack drive or desire to 'improve' themselves.

This is not true-- at least not for me! I worked in Corporate America for over 30 years. I developed technical training and was also an instructor for a Fortune 100 company.

I am completely driven by attention to detail, perfection and providing exceptional customer service. I recognize that I am not the ONLY house cleaner out here.

In any market, if you want to be exceptional-- you have to find extraordinary strategies to separate 'the best from the rest.'

Showcase Quality Cleaning Service IS ALL ABOUT YOU! We listen to you. We customize your cleaning based on YOUR needs. We want to provide extraordinary service because we want extraordinary customers!

We believe that you will attract the kind of people to your life... based on the kind of person you are.

Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

A. I am an educated professional who left Corporate America and started a house cleaning business.

Customer service is my priority and I coupled that 30+ year experience with the desire to maintain an exercise program for myself, and I love cleaning! So this choice made perfect sense to me!

Because I am also skilled at internet marketing, I use those strategies in my house cleaning business as well as optimizing websites for other people.

I am big on self development which filters to my businesses. It adds tremendous value to all that I do!

Q. Tell us about a recent job you did that you are particularly proud of.

A. I had a job in southeast Denver that needed some TLC. The home had not been cleaned in 3 years.

It was enormously cluttered, completely unorganized, excessive amounts of trash, unmaintained pet areas, things growing in the refrigerator and on kitchen counter tops, dirty dishes in all sinks and all over the home, etc.

Over the course of 3 days, the place was sparkling cleaning and showcase worthy! Here is the what the client said:

"“Kelly is that rare kind of house cleaner who is actually very transformative.

More than simply someone who cleans, she is a super-efficient household organizer who has the capacity to change lives.

She is extremely hard-working, thorough, pleasant, discreet, and punctual as well as impeccably trustworthy, intelligent, and takes great pride in her work.

What more could one want? Kelly is worth every penny she charges! I’d be more than happy to recommend her to anyone and everyone.”
~ Elana N. Denver, CO.

Q. Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

A. Always! I seek out the best products, tools and technologies! I read other house cleaning blogs to keep current with the competition. I also research 'how to' if I am faced with cleaning something unusual or particularly difficult.

Q. What are the latest developments in your field? Are there any exciting things coming in the next few years or decade that will change your line of business?

A. Technology consistently changes. Tools are constantly upgraded. Green cleaning is very popular right now-- as it should be! The best upgrades are finding more ways to add more value to the customer!

Q. Describe your most recent project, what it involved, how much it cost, and how long it took.

A. I cleaned for a woman whose Dad had recently passed away. She inherited 13 acres of 'stuff' that she needed to sort and dispose of, and the project was completely overwhelming for her.

I took on the project which lasted 6 weeks. We completely cleaned and sorted everything on the property including outbuildings and in the house, to make it easier for her to decide what the keep and what to donate.

After organizing everything, we held an estate sale so that she could realize some income from the items. Then we found reputable charities that would come to her location and pick up unwanted items.

It took us 6 weeks to sort, clean, scrap, market, sell, and donate 3 generations of her family's belongings, which equated to about 100 years of 'stuff.'

Q. If you have a complicated pricing system for your service, please give all the details here.

A. Its not complicated. We charge by the job based on square footage. You can review our pricing on our website.

Q. If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your profession, what would you suggest?

A. Go work for a reputable house cleaning service to see if it is an occupation worth pursuing... for you.

Learn everything you can about the business from someone already doing it.

Review all local house keeping ads to get a feel for the marketplace.

Contact the top 5 and ask them to give you a quote on cleaning your home. Pay special attention to the questions that they ask you in determining your price.

Define what services and attitudes will separate you from the rest of your competition.

Q. What is your greatest strength?

A. My greatest strengths are caring. attention to detail, dependability and integrity.

I treat every customer as I want to be treated, with respect.

Every home is handled with extreme care from treasured collectibles to specialty surfaces.

All family members and pets are loved as if they were our own.

We are on time, every time and you can count on exceptional results. We expect extraordinary customer service where ever we go... and you have every right to expect it too.

I've hired many house cleaners to clean my home over the years. I am all too familiar with disappointment and regret. This is exactly why I go the EXTRA mile!

Q. What are you currently working on improving?

A. We are always working on self improvement.

Becky is a childhood friend, we have been very close for over 40 years. Becky is also a beautician who operates part time serving the elderly community. She works with me 2 days/week.

Ally is my daughter-in-law and a full time college student at Metro. Ally and Ben [my son] serve the youth community through their church. Ally works with me 3 days/week.

My husband and I spend a great deal of time caring for and enjoying our elderly fathers. I also assist entrepreneur beginners with building an online presence.

Saturdays are spent on creating adventures with my 3 year old grandson Tristan. We've gone camping, fishing, to the Zoo, Dinosaur exhibits, water parks, picnics, bike riding, the Aquarium, Children's Museum and more!

'Family' is very important to us and giving back to our communities is a critical factor in self development.

The better we are, the more it transcends to our extraordinary service. The customer always benefits!

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. What separates the best house cleaning service providers from the rest of them?

Authentic people who are honest and trustworthy!
Winning attitude!
Dependability, reliability!
Pride in performance!
Quality of service!
Economical pricing!
Satisfaction guaranteed!
Extraordinary customer service!

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